THE UNSLAIN releases new single‘(In) Hell I Am’

Dutch Modern Old-School Metal band THE UNSLAIN releases new single + music video “(In) Hell I Am” | Watch Here

The promising Dutch metal band THE UNSLAIN is back! With their brand new single ‘(In Hell I Am)’, the four-piece showcases their ability to combine the finest of the classic 80’ Heavy Metal with nowadays Modern Metal creating a crushing new sound they’d like to call Modern Old-School Metal.

The Unslain is:

Jeroen Hermsen (Guitar & lead vocals)
Bart Foppes (Guitar & screams)
Luc Builtjes (Bass)
Indy Wessels (Drums)

(In) Hell I Am
Through the storms of the heart

Dutch metal band The Unslain reflects on the pains of a broken heart in their new song “(In) Hell I Am”. Showcasing their old school metal influences in a modern way, the song’s heavy riffs and catchy melodies remind of the sounds of Metallica and Iron Maiden.

Speaking on the song, the band members describe a clear picture on the emotional difficulties it portrays, “The misery you feel within yourself during a heartbreak. All the questions, the uncertainty”. The song’s lyrics, inspired by real-life events, reflect on the aftermath of a breakup, “You can feel like you’re in Hell but sometimes to others you are the Hell. That’s why the title is ‘(In) Hell I Am'”.

Recorded in August 2020 in the Hillroad Records studio in The Netherlands, the band enlisted the help of producer Daan Nieboer and featured singer Tracy Tchai, who the band praised, “she is an amazing vocalist with a really soulful voice”.

The Unslain debuted with the LP “We Will Battle” in 2018, in 2019 they earned the audience prize in the Dutch Wacken metal battle contest, they also released various singles in 2020 and 2022.

In 2022 they signed with Rexius Records. And now the first new single comes out: “(In) Hell I Am”.

Music by Jeroen Hermsen
Lyrics by Indy Wessels, Jeroen Hermsen
Featuring artist: Tracy Tchai
Produced, mixed and mastered by Daan Nieboer from Cornerstone Audio
Recorded at Hillroad Records studio (Luttenberg, NL)
Artwork by Daan Nieboer
Released by Rexius Records

The Unslain

Modern old-school metal

Dutch metal band The Unslain creates an amalgam of sounds that connects classic heavy metal with more modern metal and metalcore sounds. With a broad range of influences that go from Metallica, Megadeth and Iron Maiden to newer sounds like Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium and Lamb of God, their eclecticism provides a great new perspective of the past.

“We like to talk about the darker sides of society”, confess the band members, reflecting on the variety of their lyrics. Exploring topics such as misery, depression, drug abuse, war and the human mind, the band goes into a great degree of detail about the dark night of the soul, the more troubling sides of humanity.

Their 2018 LP debut “We Will Battle”, displayed their more classic sound. “When we released our first album, we sat down and took a look at The Unslain and what direction we wanted to go. That’s when this idea of Modern Old School Metal was born”. This signified a turning point in their style.

After “We Will Battle”, The Unslain earned the audience prize in the Dutch Wacken metal battle contest in 2019, they also released various singles in 2020 and 2022. In 2022 they signed with Rexius Records, continuing their creative path.

THE UNSLAIN – (In) Hell I Am

THE UNSLAIN – Quintessence

Band/Artist location – The Netherlands
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