The Unresolved

The Unresolved

We’re a Coventry based Rock’n’Roll band. We started playing covers when we first got together in 2015 and took on a large setlist of different bands from Sabbath to W.A.S.P to Pink Floyd. We played together in a practice room for over 6 months before we started writing our own material. And by the time we had 3 original songs we had booked our first gig at The Roadhouse in Coventry 15th December 2015. We played a 30 min set of only covers and we quickly moved to more time writing our original songs.

Fast forward a few months and we took to the studio to record a demo EP. Our demo EP ‘Blackened Skies’ was released 20th July 2016 and can be found on iTunes, Amazon and many other outlets. It received radio airplay from Berlin to California. We then took our momentum of writing and wrote a couple more new songs and started gigging with covers and own own songs. Soon after we parted ways with our Lead Guitarist ‘James Miller’. Direction of the rest of the band and him had took different paths so this was the route everybody thought was best.

We were down a guitarist and had a discussion on what our next move would be. It became the decision that Darren Bickerton our Rhythm Guitarist and Vocalist would like to step away from vocals and focus on playing Lead. So our search for a singer was on. We held auditions and brought in Andrew Williams on Vocals. We got him up to speed on some covers, our songs and got back to writing again. We played our first comeback gig with Andrew at The Albany pub where we played our first 1 hour set with covers and originals. After a few gigs there we a few questions on weather we had material people could listen to. It became apparent we need to go to the studio to record a fully polished EP with our newest Vocalist.

We went into Moonbase studios 14th October to get a 4 track EP recorded. We left a great weekend with 4 polished tracks that could stand with bigger bands in terms of quality. We have since played gigs of only original material and are making our way on the original local band scene. Our studio EP is called ‘The End Has Come’ and releases on 19th January 2018 and will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and many more. And for the first time we will be releasing our EP for the first time on a physical disc with specially designed cover wallet.

The Unresolved will continue to push through to the local scene and there will be much more to come out of this band. Be it a mini-tour or an album. Watch out for The Unresolved

Andrew Williams – Vocals
Darren Bickerton – Lead Guitar
Nik Lavithi – Bass Guitar
Adam Gostick – Drums

The Unresolved – Glorious Love Crimes

The Unresolved – Blackened Skies

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