The Unattested

The Unattested

The Unattested have  their new EP “Versus” due for release on 14th August.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne based “doom-funk” pioneers “The Unattested” formed in July 2018. The have achieved success in their hometown playing gigs including Biker Chapter summer parties, local band showcases and events at the Riverside one of Newcastle’s most prominent venues. The band’s previous single “Brain Station” has had airplay on several local and unsigned radio shows.

The Unattested are known for their hard work, humble attitude and passionate dedication to their music. Their career has spanned a little over two years, and has culminated in the recording of the upcoming E.P. “Versus”. “Versus” has been self-produced by the Unattested during the Covid-19 lockdown, using drum and vocal tracks (previously) recorded at In-Heart Studios, Gateshead.

The Unattested are…

Vocals – Rachel-Louise Lawson
Bass – Sinjid
Drums – Dan Greener
Guitar – Chris Devenney

The Unattested – Brain Station

The Unattested – 9er

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