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The Trend

Vote For Me is the brand new single from Manchester’s The Trend. Vote For Me is a politically charged power pop anthem that critiques democracy and delves into the political issues we all currently face. Combining catchy rock ‘n’ roll riffs, lead singer Rev’s earth shattering vocals and clips from political speeches this track has it all. 

Released on 28/09/2020 on all streaming services 

The Trend are a Manchester band who first came together in the late 70’s and were signed to Universal Music Group on the MCA label. In 2016 a promoter asked them to reform for a one-off reunion gig and afterwards they just carried on playing, writing and recording. They released their new album Bella Vega on 17th April 2020. This is available for download and streaming on all major digital platforms and a CD version will be out later in the year.

Tracks like “Tune Me In” and “Innocent Dreamer”, although brand new, point back to the power pop style of The Trend in the 70’s and have already thrilled live audiences of original fans who still follow the band. Other tracks, including the 7 minute “Throw It Away”, are still distinctively The Trend but represent a significant development in the band’s style of writing and playing. “Always song heavy and now, more so, with increased musicality, lyrical vision and, as this Album proves, a broad, disparate edge. These songs expand in every direction. Still glossed with colour and sharpness, nudging to unlikely areas. But still…still… powerful instantaneous tunes.” : Mick Middles, national music journalist since the 1970’s (‘Sounds’ music magazine). “This Album is astonishingly good. It reminds me of Joe Jackson and Squeeze at their absolute best.” : Colin Richardson, legendary British record producer (Chameleons, Bullet for My Valentine). “The Trend, glorious outsiders and a vibrant colourful north east Manchester antidote to the lush south lands of Didsbury. Live, still the best show in and out of town.” : Mick Middles. 

The Trend – Vote For Me

The Trend – Tune Me In

The Trend – Bella Vega promo

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