The Swindells

The Swindells

The Swindells

“The Swindells are a proper punk band like you don’t see so much any more. Not pop-punk or post-punk or electro-punk, just Punk. Three chords, driving rhythms, and the sort of shout-along breakneck-speed choruses that actually sound like someone spraying a can of beer all over themself – the last of which goes “Yo-o-o-orkshire, Yorkshire til the day I die” like some regional anthem and actually makes us wish we were, for a minute or two anyway”…Cath Aubergine for

We are five blokes who love to play our music….and yes we love our Yorkshire! (for the confused among us that does not mean that we tolerate racist knobs!) That’s it really…what you see is what you get, anything else? well then what ya waiting for…ours is a pint


The Swindells – Fear Is The Gun – album taster

The Swindells – All I Know

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Band location – Leeds England

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