The Rusty Nutz – Tony Garage

The Rusty Nutz – Tony Garage


Tony Garage
Popty Ping (alt version)

The Rusty Nutz are a four piece experimental punk noise band from Swansea, UK mixing in your face punk rock with ambient soundscapes and surreal anthems. 

Initially formed in 1998, The band consists of long-time members, frontman Anthony “Ant” Jones, guitarist/vocalist Simon Jones, bassist Martyn Kelly, and drummer Craig “The Finger” Rees. The band recorded and released 100s of tracks on cassette between 1998 and 2002 before splitting up. Old recordings, originally though lost, were found in 2016 prompting the band to re-work and re-record some of them into 2017’s “Toupee or not Toupee” EP.

The band are busy writing and performing again and are now on the verge of releasing new music in the form of  the “Tony Garage” single with “Popty Ping (alt. version) on the reverse. Avilable digitally and on super-limited edition 3” mini-CD. Both formats are currently available for pre-order from Swansea-based Lavender Sweep Records.

“Tony Garage” is a lot more punk infused than the band’s previous releases. It contains some fun lyrics like “He’s bald as a coot, but he’s got long hair…” and “he walks down the wrong side of the stairs.”…brilliant. The track has a raw, live sound to it and is filled with rebellious energy. I love the way the backing vocals are shouted back in a unanimous gesture of affirmation. Very punk like and in your face rock for the 21st century.

I have been very lucky to see The Rusty Nutz perform live several times. Each time the show has been entertaining, energetic and refreshingly different. The band are playing at Crowley’s Rock Bar, Swansea on December 7th and I can highly recommend you checking them out.

“Tony Garage” is available to preorder now from Lavender Sweep Records


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