The Old Revival

They say good things take time, and that rings true for The Old Revival. What originally started as a collection of solo songs written in a spare room by frontman Brandon Prinzing, later became the bands first record. Hitting the road with an acoustic guitar, Prinzing crossed paths with The Almost frontman and Underoath drummer Aaron Gillespie. After becoming friends on the road and as the tour came to an end, it was decided that Gillespie would produce Prinzing’s first record.

Recorded in Albuquerque, New Mexico at Rio Grande Studios, the band released their first Record “Hear This” in October of 2018 under the name Brandon Prinzing and The Old Revival.

But as art often evolves, the band was stepping into a metamorphosis. Keeping the original heart and soul of The Old Revival, Jesse Martinez remained on bass and Gus Hulstein on drums. But with a new record and concept beginning to take shape, some new members made their way into the picture. Ian Cook and Andrew Carew, both  of the roots-rock outfit Larry and his Flask, made their entrance to the band in 2019. Not only did Cook step into lead guitar and Carew Piano, but as talented vocal performers they brought the bright three part harmonies that became a staple of the record. With Cook also stepping into the producers chair, the band begin laying down the tracks that would become their second record, 9 Meals from Anarchy. Recorded in Bend, Oregon at The Firing Room by Dayne Wood, the band had the time to put every ounce of life they had into the music.

With a new direction, and a new passion injected by a larger than life rock opera concept, it was clear this was no longer Brandon Prinzing and The Old Revival. This was the sum of all their parts, The Old Revival.

With anthemic sounds, intricate guitar work, sing-a-long melodies and delicate piano, 9 Meals from Anarchy is a creation that takes you on a journey. One that asks you to look internally about how far you can be pushed before you crack, and then screams back at you that it doesn’t care what your answer is. When the world falls apart and human nature takes over, how many meals from anarchy are you?

The Old Revival – Beggars Dime

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