The Nuv

The Nuv
Red Carpet
New single out September 21st 2021

An immense red carpet under which to hide the effects of the most reckless actions that man insists on doing. The gazes turned to luxurious walkways artfully lit to overshadow the surrounding devastation. “Red Carpet” is a timid voice that tries to rise amidst the screams of deniers and the typical selfishness of the NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) movement.
A hymn to dialogue, to an even heated confrontation, but aimed at finding a solution to avoid drowning or burning. Do you believe in Global Warming?

Breaking (Bad) News

An unknown band riding the wave of a non-existent problem to achieve notoriety.
The harsh winters claim victims and these singing pseudo environmentalists join the frustrated chorus of those who tell of a planet Earth on the edge. Yet another minor annoyance, that threatens progress in favor of a world where men return to hunt and forage for food. I’ve never heard of The NUV before, so it annoys me to talk about it myself. But really, are there so many people who believe in that “Global Warming” bullshit?

The NUV is an alternative rock band characterized by a strong and powerful sound, born on the outskirts of Brianza in 2003. Formed by Demis Maloy Tripodi (vocals and guitar), Andrea Caristo (drums) and Dante Brin ( bass), has made several EPs and two LPs (“Top Model super Fashion” – 2010; “The Nuv Sucks [No, Really!]” – 2014) which were followed by numerous concerts in Italy and abroad (Belgium, Germany , Austria, USA, Liechtenstein). After a few years of inactivity, they now return to the studio to record their new effort (2021 release) 

The Nuv – Red Carpet (Fight The Global Warming Corp..)

The Nuv – The Wolf of Green Street

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