The Noolands

The Noolands

The Noolands – ‘Too Close’

Music Video Released on January 21st, 2020

For Fans of: The Killers, Queens of the Stone Age, Arcade Fire, Tame Impala

 Written and Performed by: The Noolands

Recorded and Mixed by: Daryl Sarnat
Mastered by: Noah Mintz
Music Video by: Sprout Wise

With a ton of heart, talent and grooves that make us move, The Noolands are here to kick down the doors of 2020 with a brand new single and music video!

The Noolands are an eclectic group of longtime Canadian friends from Barrie, Ontario. At its very core, the band is based on steadfast friendship, collaboration, storytelling and a love for music. Their sound has been compared to Queens of the Stone Age, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Tame Impala, Weezer, The Killers and The Barenaked Ladies to name a few. The Noolands have a natural tendency to float between genres and yet still maintain a uniquely focused and familiar sound. What you hear is high energy and dance-able, catchy tunes with a raw rock & roll production that connects with the listener from headphones or from the stage.

The band members (Brandon Davenport, Aaron Casey, James and Jon Laxton & Peter Meers) have always considered themselves best friends first and a band second. Over the years, their friendship has evolved from a creative jam band into a collaborative production powerhouse that churns out new music, videos and content that interweaves their friends and fans into an engaging story. The release of their 2018 rock & roll EP “Us on a Bus” brought The Noolands to a whole new level. Featuring two charting singles on FM and Satellite radio and sold-out live performances around Canada, the band had attained a new national acclaim. To keep fans on their feet, the band followed up with a jangling folk-rock single “Grenadine” in May 2019, which broadened their audience and opened themselves up to a whole new genre. This past September came their newest music video for Grenadine, a hilarious and whimsical journey into the world of silent film.

Looking into the new year though, The Noolands want to start things off with a bang by switching gears completely. Their new, upbeat rock single ‘Too Close‘ arrives on Jan 21 2020 with a music video. Anxious disco beats have you dancing in your seat with scrappy rock & roll vibes bringing a sharp new edge to The Noolands’ music. It’s safe to say the band is prepared for 2020 with new shows, festivals and appearances, plus their growing stockpile of new, road-tested tunes. Being a self sustaining, creative DIY band, they wear a lot of hats and the plan is always to forge into the future as a team. For The Noolands, that’s what it’s all about. Having fun with their family of friends and creating music that finds new people and connects everyone back together!

More than a song, ‘Too Close’ is an expression. Feeling boxed in, out of control and starved of choice is a potent emotion we’re all too familiar with. The moments that galvanize us can sometimes be the same moments that destroy us. It’s about that situational tipping point that we obsess over, but ultimately can’t control. You seem to get closer as you run away from your problems while you watch others on the same, repeating a loop. Like cars on the other side of an anxious highway. You can turn around and head the other direction before you’ve gone too far, but sitting still is never an option. Your mind will race as you find your place because you fear by the time you have it figured out, it will be too late. Their new song expresses this with it’s scrappy, disco-rock vibe and poignant lyrics. Everything is always what it seems, so don’t get too close…

The Noolands – Too Close

The Noolands – Grenadine

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