The New Twentys

The New Twentys
Release Their second EP
The Power EP
19 November 2021

The New Twentys is more than just the band name of an exciting up and coming three piece group from London.  It is a movement defining a new era where for the first time in history, you can be whatever you want in a world where anything goes, where your identity and individuality is celebrated more than ever!  Consisting of brothers Harry & Jimmy Morris and fellow muso Chris Bourne, the bold trio write, record and produce everything themselves, ensuring nothing but 100% authenticity, truly reflecting everything they stand for. “We want to create something that speaks louder than our music, and we want to build a fanbase that welcomes and includes everyone, free of bias and judgement, into a new wave utopia. Welcome to “The New Twentys.”

“The New Twentys harness the liberating feeling of being young and bottle that bittersweet aftertaste of summers gone by.” – Ear milk.

 The  indie-pop rockers have opened the stage this summer for the likes of Primal Scream, Fat White Family, Scouting for Girls and McFly.  They have also just sold out their debut London headline show.  This is real-talk, infectious song-writing delivered with passion from start to finish, and this EP is no exception. Undeniably catchy and downright likeable from the get-go, the uplifting vocal harmonies are built upon the festival-worthy foundations, weaving intricate guitar work and bass licks. On creating their new EP, The New Twentys added:

“We have had such fun making this EP, we were down in Cornwall with a very modest setup and no distractions (not even internet) just going ham.  Throughout the creative process we didn’t want any idea to be off the table and we aim to live by the mantra ‘anything goes’.“

After racking up support on their singles from Chris Hawkins, at BBC 6 Music, Radio X’s John Kennedy, Jake Peach at BBC Intro Essex, Melita Dennett BBC The South and XS Manchester, few can lay claim to having such an instant global impact, yet The New Twentys are being heard on a global scale, including heavy rotation at LA’s Idobi Radio, Sirius XM with the Rodney Bingenheimer show and Australia’s Triple J & Banks Radio too. This is the start of something truly exciting, and they’d love every single one of you to join them. Who’s in?


Preview Power EP Here

  1. Power – “We hope this song will reinvigorate anyone who needs to regain control of their lives. After Jimmy experienced a break up in Soho he soon realized he was spiralling out of control and desperately needed to take ownership over his emotions. Writing this song served as his own reminder that true power comes from within.”
  2. Dancing On A Sunday- “This song came about from a random conversation with comedian Jimmy Carr at a party. He said ‘all these girls are doing tracks like ‘I kissed a girl and I liked it,’ but no guys have come out with ‘I can’t think straight when I’m with you,’ you can have that for free.’  That sparked ‘Dancing on a Sunday’ a song  about a homosexual boy who grew up in a religious household and how it wrongly complicated his upbringing.  If you listen very closely to the bridge you can hear us saying ‘Jimmy Carr’ in the background as a percussive element, paying homage to the man who gave us the inspiration for the song.”
  3. Brazilianaire – “Brazilianaire confronts a real life situation where your girlfriend ends up meeting and leaving you for a Brazilian millionaire. The song explores playful scenes and scenarios, telling the story of bitterness, acceptance and the cruel reality of feeling helpless and not being able to do anything about it.”
  4. The Way – “is a feel good summer anthem about being completely infatuated with a gentle, uninhibited, free spirit. It’s about being in love with the way she sees the world, and everything in it. Someone that goes her own way and loves Fleetwood Mac.
  5. I Can’t Afford Her – “This song is for everyone who can relate to a silly misunderstanding blowing up into a gigantic issue in a relationship, and made a thousand times worse by a lousy apology. “We took a lot of pride when making the music video for this, initially we were looking to hire female actors for our characters but decided in the end that we would take the opportunity to commit and challenge ourselves to play the female roles”

Essentially it’s just a song poking fun at monumental misunderstandings.”

The New Twentys – Dancing On A Sunday

The New Twentys – The Way

The New Twentys – I Can’t Afford Her

The New Twentys – You Got Me Good

The New Twentys – I Never

The New Twentys – Inside Out

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