The New Nostalgia

Introducing The New Nostalgia new single ‘Bridges’ 6/5/21

The New Nostalgia are Patrick McCallion (vocals, guitar), James Sands (guitar), Sam Bramhall (bass guitar) and Charles Adey (drums). Their reflective and aggressive sound was born during a trip to Amsterdam when four old university friends tried to comprehend the existential haze of their mid-twenties. The band have performed shows across the UK and The Netherlands, including a stage headline set at Long Division Festival and sold out shows in Amsterdam (including a socially distanced unplugged set in the main hall at Paradiso). Their previous single (Millennial Love) is a finalist for Best Rock and Unsigned in the International Songwriting Competition, currently being judged by a panel including Tom Waits, Coldplay and members of Linkin Park. With haunting lyrics that will get under your skin, The New Nostalgia are questioning what it means to be young at heart in the twenty-first century.
 The New Nostalgia’s fourth single Bridges is an upbeat and surging track which takes an introspective look at life in the slow lane: when your peers are head and shoulders ahead in life and you just can’t seem to catch up. It’s a song about knowing your faults, understanding your insecurities, but despite this still being unable to escape them. There are moments in the lyrics where these fractured attributes are almost welcomed as a familiar friend and realising that when you burn a bridge behind you, you can never return to that place of mind. The chorus represents that returning urge to give life your all and to keep looking ahead, but under the looming experience of repeated failure.
The track was written by lead singer Patrick McCallion and drummer Charles Adey. Charles says:
 “Bridges was written at a time when a lot of my friends were moving on to greener pastures, and whilst you always want to be happy for them you can’t help but feel you’re being left behind. I wanted the song to be upbeat and have this momentous chorus that represented the continued attempt to keep moving forward despite all the pressure and despite all your faults, and in that sense it’s a hopeful, urgent track that keeps returning to that basic premise: keep going.
Bridges will be released on May 6th 2021.


The New Nostalgia – Bridges (06/05/21)

The New Nostalgia – Millennial Love

The New Nostalgia – Nothing Is New

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