Track Listing

  1. Army Of The People
  2. Say It!
  3. The Engineer
  4. Elation
  5. Imagine Tomorrow
  6. Master-Slave
  7. Happy
  8. High
  9. Stand Your Ground
  10. One Way Ticket To Mars

If you enjoyed THE MÆNSION’S 2015 release Ævolution, then you are about to wet your pants over their new release, 2018’s RÆVOLUTION.

From their base in Hollywood California, THE MÆNSION hit the road hot and fast, bringing their message across 16 countries to date, on hundreds of “riots” organized as a grassroots movement, without the backing of big corp, only thanks to the support of local communities embracing their vision and message. This makes the release of RÆVOLUTION so much sweeter.

Boasting 10 tracks that are about to set the world of rock on fire, the trio of MARK MÆNSION on Vocals & Guitar, SKYE on Keytar and THE RIZ on Bass have delivered a killer album which will surely get the world looking in their direction.

One of THE MÆNSION’s greatest qualities is their ability to provide perfect vocals The album’s opener, the powerful “Army Of The People” is a prime example of this. Musically stunning and vocally superb this is a great track to open with. Tracks like “Say It” and “Imagine Tomorrow” hit hard and heavy whereas the softer “Happy” and  downright awesome “High” reveal that THE MÆNSION has quite a few strings to their bow.

I love the quality of the production throughout the album. There is a definite ‘Muse’ feel to some of the tracks and the different layers built around tracks like “The Engineer” and “Elation” can be quite sublime. Watch out for a killer guitar solo on “Elation” 

“Stand Your Ground” and “One Way Ticket To Mars” are the perfect choices to end the album on, in an almost ‘leave them wanting more’ sort of way. “Stand Your Ground” shows just how diverse THE MÆNSION sound can be, whereas “One Way Ticket To Mars” seems to build and build to a stunning climax.

Top tracks for me are “Elation” and “Imagine Tomorrow” but there are a number of close contenders waiting to take their places.

“RÆVOLUTION” is a solid rock album that I recommend you listen to, it has balls. 




Band location – Hollywood, California

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