The Landed

The Landed
Rage For The Machine
Release: 17 March 2023
About the song:

The song was really written as a reaction to the increasing trend of celebrities feeling the need to give their opinion and lecture people on every subject matter. Like Ricky Gervais said in his famous speech at the Golden Globes “You are in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world”. Musicians, movie stars, comedians and tv presenters all feel the need to tell us what we should be doing. The title is really aimed at those celebrities who have built their careers upon being seen as anti-establishment revolutionaries when they are anything but. – David Hale

There’s something about the volatile power struggle between two brothers and the two acting peace makers that just make a band work. Together since 2014, The Landed make classic, air-punching guitar driven rock songs.

The kind of songs you write when you’ve grown up loving all the right records. Brothers David and Paul Hale have played in bands together from the young ages of 9 and 10 years old, but a conversation in a local pub with guitarist Dan Currie and the poaching of bassist Paul Jannece from another band formed The Landed, a line up which has stood the test of time.

Their brand new single ‘Rage For The Machine’ is out on 17th March 2023. The song is noticeably heavier than previous tracks by the band, mainly because it was written by drummer David Hale, who is influenced more by heavy metal bands.

The Landed’s ep ”Caballero” is also out soon.

For fans of:
Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix

Band members

Paul Hale – Lead Guitar/Vocals
David Hale – Drums/Vocals (Lead Vocals on ‘Rage For The Machine’)
Dan Currie – Guitar
Paul Jannece – Bass

In their own words:

I think one of the key things that sets us apart is our bond. I really believe that people feel that when they listen to us or particularly when they see us play live. We’ve been through all the trials and tribulations of being in an unsigned band and supported each other through our own traumas. Remember the band is made up of two brothers which has in the past heightened tensions. We’re not proud of it but live performances have given way to physical fights on stage between the two brothers.  We’ve had some great highs and very low lows, yet we’ve stuck together through it all and with each new song we write we feel we’re getting better and amazingly, the more love we seem to have for each other. We’re nowhere near finished yet. We feel like we’ve come out the other side, we just enjoy it too much to stop now.

The Landed – Rage For The Machine

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Band location – Colchester England
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