The Joyful Sadness

The Joyful Sadness


 ‘Perfect Alibi’ is about being stuck in a toxic relationship, being gaslighted and fed many lies. It’s about wanting to do anything for that person without knowing what they’re really doing to you, until you get dropped and don’t know what to do with yourself as you were so invested. Later you realise what was happening, and realise that being let go was the best thing to happen to you.

 This song is a rant, a release of feelings surrounding the situation. Something I’ve wanted to say to that person but never got the chance to, so instead I did it through song.

Formed in April 2020, The Joyful Sadness is a New Wave/Post Punk/ Synth based project hailing from Preston, UK. They create powerful, emotionally cathartic music in order to heal trauma from the past in order to move on to the future.  They take influences from bands such as The Cure, Killing Joke, Joy Division, New Order, Siouxie and the Banshees, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Molchat Doma, David Bowie and Bauhaus.

 The Joyful Sadness was created out of a subconscious desire to deal with repressed memories. The Pen would hit the paper and without thought words would flow without the need to think. One aim for this project is to help people come to terms with their anger, sadness, depression and anxiety, whilst being able to enjoy it and dance along in the process. The project aims to bring strength in numbers, pulling together a community of likeminded individuals to help each other with their demons.

Their debut single ‘Memories Of You’ was released 30th April 2020, and has had playlist features, plays on Beyond FM and the Homebrew Electronica Podcast, as well as reviews from Musik Magazine and Alive and Gigging. The song contains dark infectious synth beats that urge you to dance and deal with your past.

The Joyful Sadness is a project that consciously creates music to help others release toxic situations from their past and have their tribe at the heart of what they do.


The Joyful Sadness – Perfect Alibi

The Joyful Sadness – Wicked Game

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