The Jins

The Jins

The Jins officially release their new EP ‘Death Wish’ to the world!

Hear the title track now on Youtube!

The EP is a collection of songs influenced by just trying to find my way as a young adult in this day and age. The themes of the EP are really mostly negative which kind of makes me sound like a total cynic but I’m really just trying to make sense of the world we live in and how a lot of it totally contradicts how I feel. I’m not really saying I have any answers but I’m hoping that there are people out there who can relate to how I feel.

It’s a new song taken from our Death Wish EP that’s set to come out in April ℅ 604 Records.

We teamed up with Dave Genn from 54-40 to help us produce and record Death Wish, which was an amazing experience because I grew up hearing Matthew Good Band on the radio and Big Shiny Tunes compilations. It was really surreal to be introduced into a world that I felt was so intangible as a kid. Mike Fraser helmed the mixing duties, and he did an amazing job polishing the tracks. It was a total pleasure to meet and work with these legends.

We can’t wait to show you even more of what we’ve been up to, and to continue doing what we love – playing and sharing our music with the world!

In a big blue house on the eastside of Vancouver, the Jins were born. Now, whether you consider the birth date of a band their first show, or the day they decided on their path, it doesn’t matter, because it all happened in that blue house. 2014’s Hallowe’en show was a tentpole for that early sound, and if you don’t know Vancouver, shows almost never happen in houses there. The city breathes a heavy lung full of NIMBY behaviour, so kicking off their journey by cold-rocking the neighbourhood is the way to become the stuff of legends. “I settled on The Jins as a name because of all the pigeons I saw around Vancouver,” states lively frontman Ben Larsen, reminiscing about those early days. “I always thought that pigeons were a great metaphor for the way I lived at the time, like sleeping in random places and eating garbage and just generally not respected by anyone, but still a part of the urban landscape, just hanging around everywhere, dwellers of the seedy underbelly of society rejected by the general public but ubiquitous in the city. Pigeons are also really misunderstood creatures and don’t really deserve how they’re viewed, They’re monogamous and seem to have a sense of caring for their loved ones and I think there’s a really strong sentiment to that, I’ve always been a sucker for love songs so that’s how I came about the name.”

Perhaps if Vancouver’s closest city wasn’t a harrowing seventeen hour drive through the Rocky Mountains, and the powers that run the borders to the south didn’t stop music from being shared and toured freely throughout Cascadia, the British Columbia city would be like everywhere else: up to her underboob in bands doing their best cosplay of the 90s. However, The Jins are a wonderful product of managing to create something fantastic out of an tough situation. They come from a city where only the plucky survive, and their output, whether it’s the upcoming release, or being one of the most beloved seven inches released on Kingfisher Bluez, is melted down, purest Vancouver. They are resilient, they are beautiful, they are melancholic, and they are unique. Compare them to their contemporaries all you wish, but just know that The Jins are their city’s heroes of jangle and fuzz, and will be coming to yours soon.

Ben – guitar + vocals
Jamie – Drums + Vocals
Hudson – Bass

The Jins – Death Wish

The Jins – She Said

The Jins – I Can’t Let My Lover Go

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