The Gulps

The Gulps

The Gulps release their new single My Girl From Liverpool

About the song: The song is an ode to the 60’s movement in both the UK and Paris, as well as to the civil unrest in France that took place in May 68. The lyrics talk about what we no longer have, the melancholy of old good times, the bittersweet taste that certain events in history leave behind and the social struggles that are inevitably always reflected in the arts. 

About the video: The video is a journey through time that takes us to the past and brings us back to the present. The Gulps walking around Paris mixed with footage from La Nouvelle Vague films, having as the main character the recently deceased actress, singer, director and writer Anna Karina, one of the most prominent artists of this French film movement. These images have been edited to take on different meanings where we can see feminist, artistic and social references; from the Pussy Riot to the surrealism of Rene Magritte, as well as the dollar-face man, a criticism to the value of money in today’s society.


Recorded by Martin “Youth” Glover (The Verve, Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd))
Mixed by Michael Rendall (Paul Mccartney, The Orb, Zak Starkey)
Mastered by Oskar Vizan and Michael Rendall
Written by Harry All & Charlie Green
Performed by Harry All, Charlie Green, Franco Buffone, Simon Mouchard & Raoul Khayat   

Video directed by Sandra Crilo, edited by Martin Se & Sandra Crilo, and filmed by Kovacs Laszlo & Sandra Crilo

Based in London and hailing from all different parts of Europe and the Middle East, The Gulps come together with a shared idealism for our times. Playfully reviving the original roots of rock and roll, they are a new wake up call and speak our truth, with enjoyment and optimism.
Lyrically informed poetry, sharing tales from our cities and experiences. With raw energy, The Gulps are a unique take on classic alternative pop, fuelled by the drive of rock music at its best.

Harry All: Lead singer
Franco Buffone: Guitar
Charlie Green: Guitar
Simon Mouchard: Bass
Raoul Khayat: Drums

The Gulps – My Girl From Liverpool

The Gulps – Lola Cola

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