The Frost

The Frost

Christian Gratz and LeahBeth Evans are both well rounded musicians from Northeastern Pennsylvania. 
Christian Gratz has spent a lifetime switching between performances on the piano, guitar and even bass.
Christian Gratz became mostly known as the guitarist for popular big band “Daddy O and the Sax Maniacs” whom president Bill Clinton coined as his “favorite band of all time.”
Christian played with Daddy O throughout the U.S in various hot spots such as The white house for Clinton, The Philidelphia Eagles, Seacrets of Maryland and more.
Christian on his own had also graced the stage with artists Three Dog Night, The Grass Roots, The Drifters, The Stylistics, Shirley King, Clarence Spady and many more all while earning a degree in jazz guitar from Marywood University.
LeahBeth Evans, started her career singing throughout Scranton PA with jazz bands. She was a featured artist for The 8th Annual Scranton Jazz Festival. Evans taught herself how to sing in the style of pop and rock and joined a rock band in 2016 called Cold Steel Rail. Evans has also made an appearance in Thailand recording artist’s Todd Tongdee Lavelle’s music video “OWE.” She also laid backing vocals on the track. Evans has also graced the stage with members of “The Fortunes” who is most famous for their hit “Here comes that rainy day feeling”

In 2015, Christian and Leah came together to form a jazz and soft rock duo called The Frost after being approached by a restaurant owner who suggested they perform together for the rest of the summer.
In the summer of 2015, The Frost was also chosen to open for disco artist Pamela Stanley for an event held by Scranton’s Womens resource center.
The Frost continued to expand and decided in 2016, they wanted to take the group to a different level. The Frost began to perform regular shows on keyboards but added acoustic guitar into their sets. They began playing rock, disco, country and pop along with their usual jazz set.
This landed them a steady position for two years in a row at well renowned resorts of the Poconos, Split Rock Resort and Pocono Manor Resort and Spa.
By 2017, The Frost had made their mark in the tri state area including Manhattan where they attracted a variety of listeners, including well renowned Emmy Nominee Tammy Blanchard and talented Chef’s Anthony Burdoin and Michel Symon.
In 2018, the duo earned multiple awards including the Citzens Voice Readers voice award for best band. There were over 70,000 voters. They also earned three Weekender awards for best cover band, original band and best duo.
The Frost has also been extremely honored and grateful to have received four Josie Music Award nominations. Together as The Frost for “Southern/Rock duo of the year” and “Entertainers of the year.” Member Christian Gratz received nomination for “Musician of the year” and member LeahBeth Evans received “R&B soul song of the year,” for her first ever released single “Be ok.”
Today, The Frost continues to play throughout the tri state area and have performed at renowned venues such as Margaritaville of Resorts Casino, Club Macanudo NYC, The Dead Poet NYC, Connollys on 45 NYC , Desmonds Tavern Park Ave NYC, The Leonard Theatre PA, La Festa di Italiana, Just Jersey Fest , The Inn at Jim Thorpe and many other trademarks.
They continue to strive towards entertaining the community and flooding the scene with joy with their music.
The Frost is currently working on a potential album, and has an acoustic release of Evans’ song hitting stores Mid August/September.

The Frost – Be Ok

The Frost – Woodstock

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