The Entire City

The Entire City – ‘January’

(Released October 31st 2022)

While the name of Liverpool duo The Entire City may seem somewhat grandiose, it’s a fitting title for the pair who, having spent their formative years playing in bands across their hometown, imbibing Liverpool’s own unique musical and cultural identity, have come to embody a DIY sensibility that could only come from such a varied musical milieu.

Fiercely independent, The Entire City have several self-released singles, creating all the artwork and videos for the songs themselves, not to mention recently learning to mix and produce the tracks as well. Not an easy task for any band, let alone one with just two members. What is has allowed however, is that now Jamie (guitar, vocals) and Jams (drums) answer to no-one but themselves, and compromise to no-one but each other.

The result is difficult to pigeonhole, yet that’s the beauty of it; their colossal sound belying a depth and nuance that hugely rewards further listening. Though having earned comparisons to the likes of My Bloody Valentine or SWANS, there’s much more at play here than two people trying to get the biggest noise out of the fewest instruments.

Indeed, the band’s forthcoming single ‘January’ harbours a Cure-esque elegance that’s not without its own darkness. Four minutes of brooding post-punk, it showcases yet another facet of The Entire City.

“We’re really proud of the song, as it’s the first single that we’ve written, recorded, mixed and produced ourselves” the band explain. “Musically, the song is a collision of influences, with The Cure and Cocteau Twins meeting DIIV and Alcest on a dark road at midnight. Lyrically, January touches on subjects that are often difficult to talk about, using the central character of ‘January’ to obliquely explore questions of loneliness, alienation and self-harm. The world can seem uncaring and chaotic. Wearing a mask to hide our true feelings is exhausting. But there is hope, and sometimes just breathing and letting the world flow over you is a valid response.”

With the band now self-recording and producing their songs, their DIY ethos has been taken to its logical conclusion. “It’s taken us a long time to get good at recording, but we’re made up to be creating something that’s ours and ours alone,” says Jams. With their ferocious live shows garnering plaudits from audiences and press alike, The Entire City are building ever upwards.

The Entire City are:

Jamie Jenkin: Guitar, Vocals, Production
Jams Ward: Drums

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