The Drowning

The Drowning

The Drowning’s story began back in 2003, with their first release coming some two years later – the Withered EP. However it was with their second full length album, This Bleak Descent, which emerged in 2008, that the band really started to find their identity. Zero Tolerance Magazine described the album as a “majestic collision of Paradise Lost, Bolt Thrower and My Dying Bride”, but in truth this was the sound of a band finding their own way and forging their own powerful, inventive sound.

From the release of This Bleak Descent The Drowning never looked back; growing in confidence, growing in ability, ever more assured of their validity and talent. A magical split album with fellow doom/death stalwarts My Silent Wake followed and in 2011 the momentous Fall Jerusalem Fall was unveiled. The departure of vocalist James Moore at this pivotal point in The Drowning’s career might have been enough to derail some bands, but the Welshmen simply brought on board Matt Small and powered onwards.

Today marks ten years since The Drowning released their classic second album, This Bleak Descent. Released on September 25th 2008 through Casket Music, This Bleak Descent was the album where The Drowning really defined their masterful blend of doom and death metal, drawing influence from the early works of the Peaceville Trinity – Anathema, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost – and adding their own unique atmosphere and dark power. Upon its release, Zero Tolerance Magazine described This Bleak Descent as a  “majestic collision of Paradise Lost, Bolt Thrower and My Dying Bride” and other major media outlets followed suit with words of praise. Teeth Of The Divine recognised the huge inherent potential in the band’s sound, declaring them “more than capable of leaving a sizeable mark on the scene in years to come”, while an in depth review from Sputnik Music concluded that the album was a “resounding success”.

To mark this auspicious occasion, The Drowning sat down with metal fan, interviewer and pole dancer Eilish Foxen for a special retrospective interview. Interspersed with music and images from the This Bleak Descent era of the band, this is a great look back in time for fans. 

The Drowning will soon be out on the road with Vader and Entombed A.D. around the UK and other huge news about their future will be unveiled imminently – but for now, join the band as they travel back in time to This Bleak Descent…

As part of these anniversary celebrations The Drowning are offering a 10% discount on all products at their bandcamp page, from now until October 31st. Head to and enter the discount code BLEAK at the checkout.

Matt Small – Vocal
Mike Hitchen – Guitar
Jason Hodges- Guitar
Steve Hart – Drums
Richard Moore – Bass

The Drowning Interview – This Bleak Descent 10 Year Anniversary

The Drowning – Betrayed By God


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