The Dirt

The Dirt releases double A side Power Junkie & Ignorance is Bliss 2/12 on Golden Believers Records

The Dirt are due to release their first official single on Fri 2nd December 2022.

This two track release will be available for download and airplay only, and is brief glimpse and taster to what the band intend to release in album form in April 2023 via Golden Believers records (GBR) based in Manchester.

The Dirt are Jack and Sachiko based near Manchester who create psychedelic punk fused tracks, not fearing to straddle or uncompromisingly merge genres as they seamlessly bend the rules. They combine guitar loops, effects and distortion with percussion and the spoken Lyric.

Formed in 2020 they initially dropped two unexpected EPs to Bandcamp (No more moves and Phishing in feral streams) in quick succession which caught the attention of the alternative music press around Manchester and local independent radio. They have also released a limited sold out edition CD via GBR and an official live  bootleg via Rare vitamin records.

Post lockdown in 2021 they took their music project Live, first appearing with Fuzz club Italian psych band New Candys at Yes Manchester. Since then they have continued to promote their unique sound around the North of England supporting various international and well established bands in the psych and post punk genres, as well as independent festival appearances.

Backed by the independent media Louder than war say  “ Suicide meets Spiritulized”. Back seat mafia say “They wont be in small venues for long, catch them while you can” and others have called it “A dark psych Fall/division”. Whatever the reference these are positive voices that are stating this couple have a place in the underground and alternative music scene.

Power junkie – A fast energic tracks that unapologetically aims its frustrations at the government and its failures to understand the working person.

Ignorance is Bliss – A gritty track that delves into the mind and frustrations of vocalist Jack around mental health and support while Sachikos fuzzy guitars offer a perfect accompaniment to the anger.

The album – “Agitator” is due for release on limited (100) Vinyl and bottomless CD in April 2023 with a follow up download option via Bandcamp. Extras will be offered to the first 25 vinyl purchased. These first two tracks offer an insight into the direction The Dirt area heading, they have gigs booked into 2023 and social media is where you can find out all things Dirt related.

Music – all lyrics, guitars and percussion by The dirt – Jack (Yorkshire) and Sachiko (Japan) – 2022
Label – Golden Believers Records – Stuart Corry
Production – Kevin Foy at studio 9 Whalley range 2022

The Dirt – Dream State

The Dirt – Parole


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