The Darker my Horizon – Seize The Day

The Darker my Horizon – Seize The Day

  1. Sleaze
  2. Carpe Diem
  3. Still Alive
  4. My Song
  5. Mum & Dad
  6. Monkey See, Monkey Do
  7. No Turning Back
  8. Lies, Lies, Lies
  9. On My Way
  10. I Will Rise Again
  11. Dear Olivia (Acoustic)

The Darker my Horizon return with their powerful third album “Seize The Day”. Released in November 2019, “Seize The Day” has all the familiar ‘The Darker my Horizon’ traits of well crafted songs with great playing and stunning vocals, courtesy of mainstays Paul Stead (lead vocals, guitar) and Mark Stephenson (guitars, backing vocals)  but now with the addition of bassist Paul Hamilton and drummer William Knox the band have a new edge and a much more solid sound.

The riff driven “Sleaze” opens the album at a frantic pace. “Sleaze” would be a fab live track to really get the crowd rocking. I love the sheer power that they get from the guitars and the abrupt ending is quite special too. “Carpe Diem” (I see what you did there…) reveals just how far the quality of the band’s writing has grown. What a stunner of a song this is. With its slow start the track soon builds to epic proportions that would be a classic for many a band out there. The fun levels are raised on “Still Alive”, another exciting four minutes of Boogie Rock that even Quo would be jealous of. You can certainly tell that the band enjoyed playing this one.

“My Song” has a totally different vibe to it. It’s a song about the realities of life. A song from the ‘Even The Queen uses the toilet’ way of thinking. A little folky, a little less rock ‘n’ roll, but a quality tune all the same. Next we are talking depth, real depth. “Mum & Dad” is a deeply personal song, a tribute that so many listeners can relate to. I love how the instrumental break at the 3:30 mark steers this awesome tune in a heavier direction until the ballad like verses return and simply flow above some of the most wonderful rock playing on the album. 

Back to the riffs now with the impressive “Monkey See, Monkey Do”. The chunkiness of the guitars steadily pull this track all over the place in a controlled frenzy, attacking the listener into a head-shaking furious ending. Ballads are always done well by The Darker my Horizon and they don’t let us down on “No Turning Back”. It’s a beautiful tune about love and support and simply ‘being there’. Mainly piano, strings and voice, the song is lifted by an incredible guitar solo that is as elegant as it is subtle. “Lies,  Lies, Lies” is another track that can be related to by far too many. This number highlights the band’s talent for writing catchy songs with big, big messages.

“On My Way” has all the ingredients of being a massive hit. A real tear jerker of a number that deserves air play, it deserves that wonderful video that came out last March and it deserves to be listened to. They can give themselves a pat on the back for this one. “I Will Rise Again” begins quite omnously, almost a warning to be taken heed to. “I Will Rise Again” rocks out and delivers a catchy chorus. It’s a solid rocker that doesn’t disappoint.

Album closer is an acoustic version of “Dear Olivia” The electric version originally being on the “No Superhero” album back in 2017.  I’m not too sure if the acoustic treatment has improved this already decent song, maybe because I was already a fan of the powerful guitars of the original and the way that the vocals sounded so good above them. All that aside “Dear Olivia” is simply breathtaking and probably the best track that the band have ever created. 

“Seize The Day” reveals a band that have stepped up their game, matured, progressed and delivered an album to be very proud of.

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