The Dark Horde


Melbourne Heavy Metal Supergroup
Release Virtuosic New Album ‘The Calling’

The Dark Horde is a collective of international musicians, vocalists, actors and artists that are mostly based in Melbourne, Australia. Together they have created The Calling, a concept album written and directed by Andrew “Brewin” Drage. Exploring heavy metal elements with the iconic War Of The World’s style narration, The Dark Horde deliver relentless guitar riffs, prevailing lead vocals commanding the listeners attention.
Concept-creator and lyricist Brewin says of The Calling album release “I have assembled some of Australia’s best musicians, singers and voice-actors – collectively known as The Dark Horde – to create this heavy metal horror concept album. The story is set in 1989, and is the prequel to my horror novelThe Dark Horde, and has been a journey of some twenty-one years from conception to realisation. The Calling has already captivated those very few having heard it thus far, with Metal Temple scoring the album 10/10 in all categories, and Metal Rules giving it a score of 4.5 out of 5 with the reviewer saying “it is one of the best concept albums I’ve heard in a long time.” So for us, the future of The Dark Horde is
anything but dark and we’re excited about where the journey will take us.”

After the successful release of their singles ‘Victim’,’Mask’ and ‘Childhood’, The Dark Horde have proven themselves an outstanding example of merging musical and storytelling elements. With the release of, The Calling, The Dark Horde are on the trajectory to become a well-known name among heavy metal fans who enjoy immersive narratives!
“THE CALLING really is more like a Rock Opera; narrations, musical interludes, various characters playing roles this is a whole work of art meant to be consumed and enjoyed in its entirety. The Dark Horde have brought this masterwork to life and it is one of the best concept albums I’ve heard in a long time” 4.5/5
“From the excerpt, it is easy to see that there is an awesome, frightening, thought provoking book at the center of Brewin’s creative masterpiece, yet instead of somehow “tying the work” to a separate musical project, he has also organized The Dark Horde: (with the same name as the book of course), a fabulous metal band with a concept album titled, The Calling, which acts as the prequel to the novel!” Metalheads Forever
“The Calling is an album that can be listened to and enjoyed on a number of levels and working your way through each to find your preferred version is sure to be half the fun. If I had to sum up The Calling in one word, it would be epic” Heavy Mag.


The Dark Horde – The Calling Album Trailer

The Dark Horde – Victim

The Dark Horde – Childhood

The Dark Horde – Mask

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