The Dan the D

English Fen dweller Dan Donovan, aka The Dan the D continues to build on his own unique musical journey, with his new album, Bat Beats.

With early beginnings in 1990 his then grebo goth rock outfit Tribe of Dan landed a BBC Radio 1 session, this launched Dan’s music 

into the ears of the wider public and so began his eclectic musical odyssey. 

With his penchant for blues derivative gritty rock and his love of all things off-centre he continues to embrace his influences from 

Tom Waits, Iggy Pop to the more contemporary flavours of Black Keys or any number of Jack White’s musical ventures. 

Never standing still Dan hones his songwriting again and has produced a new album ‘Bat Beats’ which is out now.

 ‘Holed up for a year as the world locked down keeping a clear head felt beyond reach. Looking for that positive twist, digging deep for a spark, writing these new songs was my therapy.’  Dan Donovan

Producer Gav Monaghan (The Editors, Robert Plant, The Twang, Ocean Colour Scene) aka The Bat and Dan Donovan aka Mr.Moose  worked together remotely on this album from the close of 2020, they baked up a treat and Dan raised a nod to the chaos as a worldwide pandemic rained down.

Shut away Donovan wrote & recorded all the tracks in The Moose Shack, Fenland, England and Monaghan then worked his magic on the mixes some 120 miles away in his bat cave, The Magic Garden.

After years of collaboration with Gavin Monaghan, Dan says ‘Our shared love of gritty leftfield grooves, crankin guitars and bruising beats meant these new tunes dropped sweetly into place, I baked the cake and Gav dressed it with the icing.’

Donovan embraced 70’s glam rock sonics, Krautrock beats, Desert Rock ambience and created his own garage-rock fueled sound.

Bat Beats is visceral and frank, deeply reflective with a ton of soul-searching to boot.  

Bat Beats, blow by blow

Dang, The Robots:
Living in an age of automation and constant watch I yearn for some human interaction, that personal touch. This Garage-Rock tune punches home the tiredness of being controlled by a system that bleeds your humanness dry. 

Peace of Me:
Being an artist in the public gaze invites critique, some good and some prickly.
I take life at a slow pace and only hope to emanate a little peace and stimulation.

Diggin’ a Spark:
Holed up for a year as the world locked down keeping a clear head wasn’t easy.
Looking for that positive twist, digging deep for a spark became my mantra, my lifeline.

Chicken Dance:
Crazy times, irrational behaviour, unbelievable twists and turns created confusion and fear. /span>The COVID phenomenon turned the human race into headless chickens.

Boy Moon:
The announcement of a forthcoming grandchild brought a wonderful hope in a dark period.
The wait wasn’t without some trepidation, but the joy and arrival of a healthy new grandson was immeasurable. 

Sleeping With the Bad Boys:
Echoes of living out in the Mojave Desert during the summer of 2017 and sharing a space where many of my musical influences had also recorded was momentous.

2020 events coupled with reaching an age of three score stirred up some emotion, a time of reflection and soul searching.
There was a sense of arriving and consideration for the next chapter.

Silence Creeps:
Lockdown 1 felt very dark, the unknown. There was an ominous air on the silent streets and nature took a breath.

This House is Soul:
My sleeping hours are full of recurring house dreams, all different locations and different scenarios. They say a house in a dream represents, self, your very soul.

Fudge It:
I grew up being told I would struggle to achieve, that slowness and daydreaming would hinder my ‘success’. But hey, I took life by the horns and I’m still dancing beyond their expectations.

The Red:
My life chapters are colour coded and red keeps coming back, ever present, my familiar friend for the duration.

The Dan the D – Dang The Robots

The Dan the D – Chicken Dance

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