The Curse Of Millhaven

The Curse Of Millhaven

In 2017 we released our EP, entitled PLAGUES. Today, this album has become extremely relevant.Words came to life. Unreal, but they became reality AGAIN. Variola, Black Death, Spanish Flu, Cholera, Malaria, Sars, HIV, Corona.

We recorded this quarantine video, tributed to those at the frontline and the lost ones.

Keep your eyes on the lyrics below:

When the beauty of a cold dark night comes to an end
Waking up feeling pain and sick eyes are marking red, hand are turning black Throat feels swollen as I’m preparing for another attack
As we speak through the mouth of a dead man, punished and paying our debt Forced to purchase our own blood, we’ve lost faith as bones are long to dust The infection flows into my bloodstream
I can feel death breathing down my neck, nothing’s what it seems
Jesus saves is what they said, the sickness is eating me
In the end, It’ll rip me to pieces

Filming done by every bandmember at home.
Edited by Bart Rambour.


Jasper Lobelle: vocals
Jeroen Debruyne: guitar
Kurt Mylle: guitar
Bram Dewilde: bassguitar
Bart Rambour: drums

Melodicly fast riffs and destructive blasts
is what to expect when listening to this outfit

2012 was the year THE CURSE OF MILLHAVEN was formed in the trenches around Ypres (Belgium).
THE CURSE OF MILLHAVEN played its first ever gig, by joining ABORTED on the Belgian date of the ‘GOREMAGEDDON – 10 YEARS ANNIVERSARY’-tour.

Early 2014 the band entered CCR STUDIO in Zulte (BE) to record a total of 10 songs, containing different stories about the 9 layers of hell by Dante Alighieri. The full length was mixed and mastered by Kris Belaen at CCR studios as well. In July 2014, a videoclip was released for the song SIMONY.

A bunch of shows and festivals were played for the release of ‘Vestibule of Hell’, containing the sold out CD-Release show, Ieperfest 2014, support for Vital Remains and Evil or Die fest 2016.

Early 2017, THE CURSE OF MILLHAVEN entered HEARSE STUDIO in Heule (BE), to start recording ‘Plagues’. Mastering was done by Wojtek Wieslawski at HERTZ STUDIO in Poland. During the promotion of this new EP new videoclips were released for the songs ’BLACK DEATH’ and the title track ‘PLAGUES’.
“Plagues” was the culmination of everything the Ypres quintet have worked towards since their inception, pushing every aspect of their sound to the next level.

Nearly two years later the band completed the writing and recording process of 8 brand new songs. This new album, entitled ‘THRESHOLDS’ contains a much darker and more agressive sound, ready to reach a new audience and bring THE CURSE OF MILLHAVEN to another level.

The Curse Of Millhaven – The Infection (Quarantine Video)

The Curse Of Millhaven – Weakness

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