The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara – Full Spectrum

The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara – Full Spectrum

  1. Atoms
  2. Pschopath’s Monologue
  3. Deus Ex Machina
  4. Mata Hari
  5. The Descent
  6. Message For The King
  7. Love In The Time Of Pestilence
  8. Tcomas S01 E01
  9. Full Spectrum
  10. At The World’s End
  11. The Great News


The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara (TCOMAS) are Daphne Ang and Andrea Papi. The London based duo have been exciting the imaginations of listeners with their superb blend of electronic rock and spoken word poetry, pioneering a niche in the music industry.

Comprising 11 tracks lasting over 67 minutes long,  ‘FULL SPECTRUM’ was recorded between February and June of 2020 when Daphne (Singapore) and Andrea (Italy) came together as The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara [TCOMAS] to compose and produce their debut album at their home studio during the first London Lockdown. 

Subjects covered on the album include a track told through the voice of Mother Nature as a portent about creation and man’s destruction of this creation. The tracks relate to the universe and mankind’s place in the world. It touches on love and the expression of love. It covers a 2000 year old Ancient Greek tragedy, relaying the story of Oedipus and the inevitability of his actions. And then gets right up-to-date with the horrors of coping with the Covid 19 pandemic and the current global crisis. This is an album that will hit you on so many levels. 

Having already digested 7 of the 11 tracks, via their monthly single releases,  (“Atoms”, “Psycopath’s Monologue”, “Deus Ex Machina”, “Mata Hari”, “The Descent”, “Love In The Time Of Pestilence” and the latest offering “At The World’s End” (released on 5th Feb 2021) ) I felt more than prepared to experience the complete adventure of “Full Spectrum”. At least I thought I was…

I was not prepared for how this album would affect me emotionally. I was not prepared for where this album would take me and I definitely was not prepared for how this album would impress me with regards to electronic rock music.

After several listens I had developed a connection to the beautiful words and powerful music. The more I listened, the greater this connection became. The words, so wonderfully expressed formed theatrical images within my mind. It was as if I had been drawn in to the story. My imagination developing the concept into a dreamscape of wonderment. The poetry forming the story and the music, with its many layered synth caverns, dramatising the whole event gloriously. I felt an almost personal relationship to the album.

The different musical styles displayed on “Full Spectrum” will astound you. The music can be very heavy at times, only to pull away and transcend into gentler passages. Continually building the atmosphere and adding so much to the experience. I lost count at the number of times that I was moved by this skill, the quality of the musicianship on show absolutely triumphs.

This is an album that has so much to offer. Forgive the cliché, but it truly is an album that you will discover more on each listen. “Full Spectrum” is, by far, my album of 2021. The benchmark is set really high with this one and I cannot foresee anything else coming close to it. 

FULL SPECTRUM will be released worldwide on February 26, 2021 on Spotify and all major streaming platforms.  

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