The Chop

The Chop
(Stoner Metal / 70s Metal / Heavy Metal)

Release Date: 10/25/22
FFO: Black Sabbath, The Sword, Tenacious D
Location: San Francisco, CA

GhostBeef is a heavy metal concept album about Arby’s. In a dystopian future, fast food founder John Arby bruatlizes employees, livestock, and consumers alike with his meaty fist. The 8 songs on GhostBeef flesh out a world where oppressed cattle speak out, meat priests ply their trade, and a tyrant stumps for his regime until finally, a hero emerges…

The Chop is a musical guild of old friends who remember when confetti filled the streets and surprise rock was new. We make concepts albums, love rock and roll music, and have a weekly podcast called “1001 Album Complaints” where we talk about the finer points of concept albums and rock and roll music. The Chop is forever. The Chop can never die. The Chop is Unlimited.

The Chop – The Legend of John Arby

The Chop – Lord of the Beeflands

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