The CheeseBergens – More Cheese Please

The CheeseBergens – More Cheese Please

  1. Grammatically Yours
  2. Zach is a Poser
  3. Tommy Eats Glue
  4. C.I.T.
  5. Man Flu
  6. Passover for Dummies
  7. I Wore Red to Target/Customer Service Tirade
  8. Ode to Chocolate Peanut Butter
  9. Lunch Lady Marge
  10. Rich Kids
  11. Human Garbage Can
  12. Speed


In 2018 The CheeseBergens released their debut full length album ‘Do It With Cheese‘. I was fortunate to be able to review that album and, after the help of some powerful medication, live to tell the tale. Now, in 2020, The CheeseBergens return with their second full length album. Suitably entitled ‘More Cheese Please’. Coming in with 12 tracks of ‘in your face rock’, cooked and prepared in a way that only the Bergen family can. 

‘More Cheese Please’ opens with ‘Grammatically Yours’, a track that reminds me quite a bit of Hole, yet Jesse Bergen’s solo has elements of Hawkwind in it. (I kid you not.) The very fast ‘Zach is a Poser’ follows and it highlights how good a ‘to the point 3 minute song’ can be. I particularly like the way the track breaks down in the middle section only to return with a much more venomous attack. ‘Tommy Eats Glue’ begins like an early Sex Pistols number. Vocalist Anjelica gives it her all on this one. ‘C.I.T.’ offers more of the same CheeseBergen magic, thumping drums by Ides Bergen drives this one along nicely.

The humourous side of the band is shown on ‘Man Flu’. It’s quite an eerie sounding song that is full of sarcasm and quite funny throughout. ‘Passover For Dummies’ is next a what a corker it is. The levels are turned right up as the whole band excels on this solid number.  ‘I Wore Red to Target/Customer Service Tirade’ continues with the story telling. This awesome number will bring a smile to your face.

The madness …sorry … music continues with a love song. Okay, it’s a love song about chocolate peanut butter, but a love song all the same. ‘Ode to Chocolate Peanut Butter’ is beautiful, it will have you in goosebumps and rightly so. I love this track. Next up we have ‘Lunch Lady Marge’, the number is peppered with some wonderful bass licks from Marissa Bergen. This clever song hits home to many that have experienced the nightmare that is school dinners..

‘Rich Kids’ is next with its thunderous opening slapping you right across the cheek. ‘Rich Kids’ is loaded with hate and anger. Anjelica has the perfect voice for this kind of tune. ‘Human Garbage Can’ is slightly different in style, much more a traditional rock number, with an impressive riff that propels the tune along, steering it brilliantly. Final track ‘Speed’ is a great number to end with. The song reminds me of ‘We Are The Road Crew’ It’s another heavy number that is played to perfection.

‘More Cheese Please’ has thoroughly impressed me. The album showcases just how tight a unit The CheeseBergens have become. The band has certainly grown in confidence and I am particularly impressed with Jesse Bergen’s guitar work thoughout. In places the album reminds me of The Clash, The Runaways, Joan Jett, The Sex Pistols etc, whilst still coming across as a ‘full on’ CheeseBergen record. It has a much more accomplished feel to it then it’s predecessor ‘Do It With Cheese.’

The band states that the album is for the type of listener that appreciates humour in music. Well I can whole-heartedly agree with that. It’s an album that can be enjoyed time and time again as you discover something new with each listen. Yes the meds ARE working again.


Released April 20, 2020

The CheeseBergens are:
Jesse Bergen – vocals and lead guitar
Anjelica Bergen – guitar and vocals
Marissa Bergen – bass and backing vocals
Ides Bergen – drums

All songs are written by The CheeseBergens
Songs were mixed and mastered by Robert Lowndes
Cover Artwork by Ana Capela
Photography by Daniel Alexander

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