The CheeseBergens – Do It With Cheese

The CheeseBergens – Do It With Cheese

  1. Theme Song From the CheeseBergen
  2. Wake Her (When the Show is Over)
  3. Cool
  4. Stupid Punk Song
  5. Boogiemen
  6. The Hipsters Downstairs
  7. I Wore Red to Target
  8. My Mom Will Probably Kill Me
  9. What Would Lemmy Do
  10. Mommy and Daddy Worship Satan
  11. Do It With Cheese

released January 31, 2018 

Mixed and recorded by Robert Lowndes 
Anjelica Bergen: vocals 
Jesse Bergen: guitar 
Marissa Bergen: bass 
Ides Bergen: drums 

Artwork: Brendan Silva 
Laura DiPiazza

And they said it could never happen, no, I don’t mean aliens from outer space or world peace…. I mean an album by The CheeseBergens. Yet here it is, all 11 tracks of dysfunctional, angry rock. 11 tracks that hit you in the nuts and then squeezes them just a little bit more so that The CheeseBergens leave you in no doubt that they mean business.

I first encountered The Cheesebergens about a year ago and, after some moderate counselling, I now feel ready to tell my tale.

“Do It With Cheese” is a really solid album. It contains previous classics “What Would Lemmy Do?”” Stupid Punk Song”, “I Wore Red to Target” and “The Hipsters Downstairs” along with new favourites “Boogiemen”, “Cool” and the title track “Do It With Cheese” amongst others. The playing is awesome, the rhythm section of Ides and Marissa Bergen build that steady foundation that drives guitarist Jesse and vocalist Anjelica along. The songs are clever, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, but always true to the mantle of rock.

The one thing that comes across very strongly is that The CheeseBergens are enjoying what they are doing and I challenge anyone to deny that. They can laugh at themselves, but I feel that is because they are secure in the knowledge that what they are doing is good.

I highly recommend that you listen to “Do It With Cheese” and then listen to it again only the second time concentrate 100% on the playing, you will be impressed, I know I was.

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