The Burning Tree

The Burning Tree


Ghost:Hello’s William Jennings is now streaming his trippy solo project The Burning Tree’s new album Pariah via Outlaws of the Sun. The album will be released this Friday.

Listen to the album in full here:

Driven by an inability to remain static, Ohio native William Jenningsnow offers his latest musical project to denizens of anything twisted and strange: The Burning Tree.  Jennings, who plays bass in stoner/doom band Ghost:Hello and dabbles in many other DIY artistic endeavors, has created a boardwalk sideshow for the senses in this work of self-described “dumpster pop.”  

With influences including Dax Riggs, Cocorosie, and The Magnetic Fields, Jennings’ new music is honest and open in all things.  The Burning Tree’s upcoming five-song EP, Pariah, takes listeners from bright caricatures to seething evil and tales of loss — and then right back up to the flashing lights and cotton candy of the boardwalk.  The surfy tone of opener “Oranges & Lemons” is deceptively upbeat; this evolves into the threatening “Lovely Lyra” and the mournful, Eastern-inspired “Joan of Arc.”  “Lost Boy” sounds like adventure in Area 51 with Aileen Wuornos, while closing track “Operator” is a singsong folk nightmare that unexpectedly takes a harsher turn.  No matter which emotion Jennings portrays, he paints an irreverent, psychedelic portrait for listeners.  

With this music, Jennings has channeled buried kinks and hidden secrets, untold fantasies and old memories.  Anything is possible beneath The Burning Tree.  Pariah will be released on September 6 2019.

EP Credits

  • William Jennings — all instruments, vocals, arrangement, and recording except where noted
  • Anthony Rich — drums on “Lovely Lyra”
  • Nina Rich — backing vocals on “Lovely Lyra”
  • Sarah Powell — backing vocals on “Lovely Lyra”
  • Patrick Delagrange — drums on “Joan of Arc” and “Operator”

The Burning Tree – Oranges & Lemons

The Burning Tree – Joan of Arc

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