The Bronsons

The Bronsons

The Bronsons

The Bronsons are a​ ​​​London-​​ and Oxfordshire-based high-energy garage rock rhythm and blues​ band ​playing a 50/50 mix of original material and obscure covers. ​​Their influences range from 60’s beat, rhythm and blues and garage rock bands, through to Dr Feelgood, Eddie & the Hot Rods, The Count Bishops, The Inmates and Lew Lewis.

The band had a cult following in 1980s London, playing Le Beat Route, The Embassy Club and the legendary squatters’ nightclub in Bonnington Square. After splitting in 1985 they reformed in 2013, recruiting a new bass player and new Bronsonettes. Since then a series of pub dates and festival appearances have cemented their reputation as a seriously good live act that knows how to put on a show.

James, voice, harp; Chas, guitar; Jorge, bass; Carlos, drums; Zara Cannon and Giselle Nicholson are The Bronsonettes.

The Bronsons – Sussex Music Festival Theme Tune

The Bronsons – The Way I Walk

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