The Boomsticks Setlist

The Boomsticks Setlist

We always begin with Say it With Flowers ( or with a Head on a Stick ) because its a nice fast tempo song to come out of the gate with.
We then always follow it up with Chitter Chatter only because it follows on nicely from SIWF and we can play the two songs in succession without a break in between the first two songs.
Peaceful Revolution quite often goes next for no other reason than to keep some tempo still going.
Then Bottling It was next because it’s more of a mid tempo number just to give ourselves and everyone else a bit of a breather.
Then to bring the tempo back up a bit we play Come Alive.
Up the River next just because it’s not as full on as the previous number.
Taste of It is normally in the middle of the set because it’s a slow tempo heavier number just to change the pace up a bit.
Then because of that we follow it up with Moonlit Sky because it’s a more joyful and playful song to bring the mood back up.
One More For the Morning After is normally played after that one because again it changes the pace.
Spin it Around and Decisive Devices is then played in succession with another to bring the tempo and energy back up.
Then we play Dismissing Everything second to last in the set because its a mid tempo/coming to the end of the set kind of song.
And then we always play Tuning Out last because the song finishes with an end of the set kind of conclusion.
If we are allowed or have time for one more then we go with Drift Away. Its our only completely mellow song and is a nice way to completely finish a set seeing as most of the set is quite up tempo so its nice to finish with a quiet one.
The worst set/gig experience we’ve had was when we were playing in a basement of a venue and unknown to us until afterwards someone from upstairs came down and told the soundman to turn it down. In doing so he either turned off or down our monitors as soon as we went into our last song tuning out. Tuning out begins with a bass intro until the rest of us come in together and as soon as the bass begun we all looked at each other because  none of us could hear anything or each other and all came in at different times and were completely out of sync for about the first 30 seconds of the song so we either looked like a bunch of idiots of the audience thought we were playing an avant-garde number!
Most of these songs will very shortly be up on our SoundCloud and bandcamp pages (once we get the final mixes sent which are currently being done) and we do always urge people to listen to as many as tracks that they can stand because we don’t try to have a definitive sound so if there’s a song you don’t like then maybe the next one you Will!

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