The Boomsticks Interview

The Boomsticks Interview

Interview with Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views (

The Boomsticks

Adam- Drums Chris- Guitar Tom- Bass Darren- Vocals

PD. What type of artist are you?~

Tom- mostly audio

Darren- mainly rock I suppose

Adam- the kind that drops his sticks

Chris- We just call ourselves a rock band. We don’t try to fit into any particular style or genre of rock and like to incorporate all different kind of influences when we write. We don’t have any boundaries and if something sounds good no matter what kind of style it is then we use it.

if something sounds good no matter what kind of style it is then we use it.

PD. Tell us the brief history of yourself.~

Chris- Me and adam hooked up after finding each other on a website ( Join My Band) that musicians use to try and find other musicians and replace members or start new bands etc. I kind of knew Tom and asked him if he was interested in hooking up and we then found Darren replying to our advert on Gumtree. Since then we have written a lot of songs, recorded a few of them and have now just started gigging.

PD. Who are your musical and non-musical influences?~

Chris- Musical-Faith No More, The Bronx and Otis Redding. Non musical-unicorns, cheese slices and fake taxi

darren- I can never answer this question. There are too many to mention and just listing a few would give an unfair level of importance to the ones that come to mind first.

Tom- Musical-Jack Bruce. Non musical-whoever designed goalie shirts in the 90s

Adam-musical- Jose pasillas, chad smith. Non musical-dont really know, just like stuff!

PD. What are your dreams and goals?~

Darren- to write songs that matter to someone

Adam- play in front of 1000s at a festival…..goal- to stop dropping f#cking sticks

Chris- No dreams. Just want to write music, play it for people, hope they like it, and what will be will be.

Tom- dont normally remember my dreams but theyre usually quite weird.

PD. Who writes your songs, what are they about?~

Chris- I normally bring most of the music and ideas in. Adam and Tom then do ‘ their thing’ to help flesh out the music and make it sound better! Then once we have the arangements sorted out we record it and send it to darren who then writes the lyrics and melodies. The lyrics are about people and life. Whether it be relationships or the government talking crap.

Darren- the lyrics are mainly mistakes,things that piss me off and nostalgia

PD. How do you promote your band and shows?~

Chris- Well we have only just started gigging! So far we have promoted ourselves and shows through twitter and facebook, word of mouth, and also through the promoters of the show…and also contacting and bothering people like your good self to put us on websites!


Tom- I mostly let someone else do it

Adam- annoying everybody I meet

PD. What do you think about downloading music online?~

Tom- I think its the best way of downloading music

Chris- I’m old school and buy cds because I want the physical product and the sound quality is usually better. With downloading its too easy to just dismiss something, delete it and then its gone forever from your listening device and youve forgotten about it but sometimes you need to let the music sink in and listen to it a good few times to really appreciate it. The internet is great to get your music out there and for people to easily check out bands and have a listen but with that then comes illegal downloading which quite simply is never going to be stopped! Thats why it seems to be that a lot of bands I have been buying cds from recently do special bundles like, a cd, t-shirt,and signed photo all for £20 or something which hopefully gives people the incentive to buy it rather than just download it. Once physical media fully goes I think there will be even more illegal downloading because thats what a lot of the younger generation are already doing, so it will still be them doing it in the future. A young lad said to me once ‘ why should I buy something when I can get it for free!?’ . I cant really argue with that!

adam- its easier then uploading music

darren- its unavoidable when thers no real incentive to actually pay for it

PD. What’s your outlook on the record industry today?~

Chris- I think it needs to accept that it cant make tonnes of money anymore! It needs to change and get used to the fact that most people listen to music for free now on the internet. Bands make their money now through playing gigs and selling their merchandise, not through music sales. They are too scared to get behind bands now unless they are easily marketable. Thats why most of the new rock bands I hear lately seem to be pretty poor. They are more like pop bands rather than rock bands.

Tom- it would just be nice if so many venues weren’t closing down

adam- every producer these days has a hatred for a good sounding unmuffled snare

darren- it seems like record companies have become very good at making money without taking many risks. Good for them, bad for variety in music

it would just be nice if so many venues weren’t closing down

PD. What’s your claim to fame?~

darren- none. I like to stay under the radar

Chris- I once drove barefoot to dundee eating a bar of toblerone…does that count?

Tom- I briefly sneered at the camera on jackanory

adam- 2nd cousin in a pretty successful band…..well used to be anyway

The BoomsticksPD. What are some of your pet peeves?~

Adam- dropping drumsticks and drum kits that full apart during a se

Chris- reality tv,politicians, women who leave the toilet seat up

Tom- when your bass cuts out as youre doing soundcheck for your first gig just as the sound engineer says ‘ and…bass?’

Darren- slow walkers

PD. What are the biggest obstacles for artists?~

Darren- lack of time and money

Chris- its getting to people to actually buy your music or getting a record company to back you unless you are easily marketable. New bands should do as much DIY as possible rather than chasing that ‘record deal’. One of the main things record companies did was to distribute your music but now you can put it on the internet yourself and everyone around the world can listen to it anyway. Another thing is music venues closing down all the time. So with that it also means that promoters want bands that can guarentee to get people in the door so they can make money. Its a problem we are finding at the moment trying to get gigs because how can we guarentee to get people in the door when we dont have a fan base because we are just starting out!

PD. Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there.~

Chris- Our next shows are may 12th at 93 feet east, june 2nd spice of life, june 10th the new inn basingstoke, june 12th the wishing well watford.

There are not many things in life better than good loud rock music! And you never know you might end up liking us!

Darren-its going to be big,heavy and dangerous for anyone too near to adams flying drumsticks

Tom- And Its good to support your local music venue before it closes down.

Adam- its going to be bigger and better than the last time

Chris- you keep saying that to your girlfiend too…..

There are not many things in life better than good loud rock music!

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