The Boom Sons

The Boom Sons

The boom sons, ‘’a band of a new breed’’ are essentially a groove driven hard rock female fronted three piece band comprising of the angelic and angry vocals of the retro rocking Vanessa batten, the big hard grooving and moving riffs of guitarist Nathan Morgan and the massively powerful and driving drums or Richard mears, The Boom Sons bring you the groove to get down too, merging many styles, not only groove and hard rock but old school 60s jazz, funk and blues, the boom sons have crafted their sound from influences such as led zeppelin and black Sabbath, heavier metal such as pantera,motorhead and other bands such as clutch, but the boom sons are not just about the hard and heavy they also derive influences from billy holiday, jeff buckley and marvin gaye and funk bands like funkadelic.

After spending 10 years crafting their skills in other bands such as Ironbeard and mea, The Boom Sons came up with the idea of The Boom Sons, the idea is powerfully simple one, there are no rules or concept, if want to write a song in one style we will if we want to write a song with many different styles we will, with that idea in place The Boom began work, The Sons went in to the studio with todd cambell (son of motorhead guitarist phil cambell) with three songs in mind taken from their written but not recorded album and slammed in out within the matter of hours, powerfull and calculated the boom sons are going from strength to strength, listen for yourself !!!

The Boom Sons – Candyfloss Sandwich

The Boom Sons – Move Your Deriere

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Band location – Rhondda South Wales

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