The BitterSweet – The Age of New Delirium

The BitterSweet – The Age of New Delirium

Α1 The Age Of New Delirium 5:00
A2 War 1:55
A3 I Like Walking 3:13
A4 Trapped Inside A Basement 4:04
A5 Soldier On 4:59
B1 It’s Been) So Very Long 3:09
B2 Shit 3:05
B3 You & I 3:25
B4 Free Time Land 4:55
B5 You Know Better 3:58
B6 Nobody Plays With Me 7:18

The Bittersweet – The Age of New Delirium (18 December 2018 by Ikaros Records)

The Bittersweet is a Greek alternative rock band with psych and British approach. “The Age of New Delirium” is their second full length album.

The same titled opening track gets you right into the groove from the first second. The Bittersweet style is soulful. The melodies are clear if I might say and memorable. In fact, they stick in your mind and make you sing along. Writing a pop melody has never been easy. The bass line and the bridge bass line of the song are cool.

“War” is a darker song. It surprises me to listen to the new wave vocals which through psychedelic paths end up poppy but still aggressive. It’s very nice to see the prose throughout the song.

“I Like Walking” has that walking bass line that makes it damn cool. Probably a song that will play a lot in the pubs. The piano theme has the right vibe and the songwriting is super nice.

“Trapped Inside a Basement” continues the melodic and harmonic pop/psych groove on. The Radiohead type vocals at the end of the song are simply amazing and as if coming from such a classic album as “The Bends” is. The guitar riff is sweet and the lead is laid on the 60’s-70’s aesthetics.

“Soldier On” is probably the most Beatles song of the album. Oasis would be proud to have released such a song. In the very same song you will even listen to the Elton John and Billy Joel 70’s elegance.

“So Very Long” takes the psychedelic mood of The Bittersweet a step further. The acrobat style vocals blend sweetly with the fuzzy guitars.

“Shit” is definitely a song destined to be a single. Possibly a pub’s favorite, too. Great groove with thick bass and excellent orchestration. It’s a song you need to drown in some alcohol to feel it.

“You & I” is a more uptempo tune, one of those that Bittersweet seem to be able to write easily. The pop chorus is once again excellent and the backing vocals make a nice addition.

“Free Time Land” starts with a nice guitar melody. The fragile vocals reveal the sensitivity of the band. There is a dark side in it but the song still shines in its early Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd glow!

“You Know Better” is another uplifting song of the album that seems to be pretty playful in moods. The song is nice to shake your body to in the pub. It just has the right vibe.

“Nobody Plays with Me” is the slower song of the album. Lazy, dark and moody. It’s bluesy vibe gets through psychedelic rock to grunge and then to the present. An excellent song in every aspect. The Radiohead OK Computer drama is present after the first half of the song filtered through a “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” and “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” double filter. I loved the reversed tape/noise psych ending of the record.

“The Age of New Delirium” is an excellent, moody, soulful work with great songwriting, production and ideas. Thumbs up for the Greeks!

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