The 3148s

The 3148s (thirty-one forty-eights) are an indie rock band with an approach to music that sounds like Americana run through an alt-rock meat grinder. Their rust belt mix of punk, blues and grunge hails from Detroit, Michigan and will appeal to fans of artists like The Tragically Hip, Black Keys, Hootie & The Blowfish and Counting Crows.

“Relatable, discussing the struggles of modern times with a fun, yet classic feeling.” – Upstream Indie

The 3148s got together in a Detroit garage in the summer of 2015. The band is composed of a group of friends who work as trial lawyers when not penning songs. They cannily pinched the band name from a section of the Michigan auto insurance law, Section 3148, that describes the band well, as being “so excessive as to have no reasonable foundation.”

Their debut EP, recorded at Rust Belt Studios, propelled the band onto the local bar scene where they have been plying their trade. Their current line up is Ian Coote, who writes and sings most of the tunes, plays guitar, keys, mandocello, and just about anything else the rest of the guys will let him bring to gigs; Jason Seifert on bass; Greg Jones writing songs and playing guitar and doing vocals; and Tom Jones as the drummer (and sole member lucky enough to avoid law as his day job.)

The 3148s – Picture of You

The 3148s – Beck and Call

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