Tezaura is a melodic-metal band from Brno, Czechia. Their music is characterized by dreamy female vocal melodies accompanied by modern keyboards and electro synths with a fair load of killing metal riffs.

​Tezaura’s first music video “Mechanical Ballerina” and debut album “Unleash the Butterflies” were released in 2013 and presented on the “Unleash the Butterflies Tour”, which took place not only in Czechia but also in Austria, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. The album was positively accepted by both critics and audience and released worldwide by the British label Crysella Records in 2015. Second music video “Heavenhell” saw the light of the world also in 2015, reaching over one million YouTube views to this day.

​At the end of 2016, Tezaura releases EP “Heartcore” along with music video “In the Clouds”. Sound of the new songs is heavier and angrier, but still holds on to Tezaura’s typical melodiousness. First positive responses from fans have come right after the release. Nowadays, the band is actively performing and preparing material for the next album.

 Tezaura has performed at gigs and music festivals all over the Czechia and also in nearby countries. The biggest band successes include performing at festivals Made of Metal 2014, Benatska 2015 and 2016, Basinfirefest 2015 and playing as a support for Haggard (DE), Dope Stars Inc. (IT), Lacrimas Profundere (DE) and Pathfinder (PL).

Lori – Vocals,
Nemo – Guitar,
Mara – Bass Guitar,
Tom – Keys
David – Drums

Tezaura – Heavenhell

Tezaura – In The Clouds

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