Tetchy, Brooklyn’s newest and heaviest sad grrl grunge obsession, has released their new single “Quitter” on Friday. This is the second single off of their upcoming EP, Hounds, available to pre-save now. Post Trash exclusively premiered “Quitter” yesterday and said, “Their kinetic energy is ever apparent on “Quitter,” a perfect introduction to their creeping and blistering grunge inspired sound… It’s a commanding performance as it sputters between feeling broken and unstoppable.”

The flying, raging eulogy of a track speaks to those mournful moments when you finally face the realities of your adult life; this means saying goodbye to childhood dreams of artistry and love, and saying hello to mental health traps and endless to-do lists. “Quitter” starts with creeping, discordant guitars and vocals, and an uneasy, mounting feeling of chaotic confusion. It builds slowly and satisfyingly, with heavier and heavier bass and guitar textures, until it has finally morphed into this heavy, thrashing, runaway train— complete with vocalist Maggie Denning’s gut-wrenching screams of: “Why do I even bother?”

Denning spoke to Post Trash about the meaning behind “Quitter,” “When you’re a kid dreams for the future feel rosy and strong and special, and like they’re never going to leave you. They seep into all the why’s and how’s of a life and an identity that just feel right. They anchor us. But what happens when we finally see that we’ve been anchored in fiction? And that in reality our deepest hopes and dreams only exist to be left behind— to be moved on from, with either grace or humiliation.

“Quitter” speaks to this intense moment of realization and mourning— a moment that is a rite of passage for most who have held tight onto rosy, self-assured world views. Terror and rage flood you as you begin to ask yourself: Why the fuck am I doing this? Why do I bother carrying on when I am so clearly incapable of getting there? And then it hits you, that perhaps this was always meant to be— that you were always destined to quit, just as your father and his father quit their most deeply-sewn dreams before you. You mourn for them. And you mourn for yourself. “Quitter” is the fury and grief of this moment encapsulated— as you try to make sense of what must now come next.”

Tetchy’s highly anticipated debut EP, Hounds, is out February 28th. And to celebrate its release, the band will be embarking on a ten-date east coast tour, complete with a homecoming and EP release show presented by Wisteria NYC and packed with some of alt rock’s heaviest hitters.

February 6th – NYC @ Berlin
February 7th – Baltimore @ The Sidebar
February 8th – Wilmington @ 1984
February 9th – Philly @ The Pharmacy
February 19th – Providence @ Dusk
February 20th – Worcester @ Distant Castle **
February 21st – Lowell @ Worthen Attic **
February 22nd – Northampton @ Asbestos Farm
February 23rd – Albany @ The Rat Den
** – with Pet Fox
March 5th, 2020

O U R    W I C K E D    L A D Y
153 Morgan Ave / Brooklyn, NY
Doors at 7:30 pm, $10 ADV / $12 DOS
 ☞ Bethlehem Steel ☞ Thin Lips ☞  Tetchy (EP Release!) ☞ Maneka

Facebook Event / Tickets

Tetchy is a Brooklyn-based, sad grrl grunge four piece that gets punky and heavy and will make you just a little bit upset. Like if that sad part of you had a child that watched sci-fi movies while getting a sugar rush. Born out of a very dirty basement turned DIY studio, the group puts sludgy, distorted bass and guitar side by side with shrieking and whispering vocals. Songs are about fascists who gotta go, mental health pickles, and quitting your emotional labor (and also your job).

Tetchy – Quitter

Tetchy – Godforsaken

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