Tellurium were created as a project by vocal duo Mike and Catherine Finch (Doctrine Of Complicity/28 Days L8r).

First to be recruited was drummer Scott Weller (Snow Glass Jack/Feared By Faith) who was brought on board after the pair saw him give a virtuoso performance with another local band.

Bass player Ant Mascia (Deffret/Seizure Salad) was approached after Mike had an opportunity to work with him at an open metal session and was impressed with his skill, speed, and unusual technique.

Guitarist Mark Phillips (Messiah Complex/Pandora’s Slave) had been on the duo’s radar from the outset, but when initially approached was working on other projects and therefore unable to fully commit to the band.

In the mean time Ant introduced guitarist Mark Collinge to the band and the business of song writing commenced in earnest. Mark, a classically trained musician and published music writer, brought a different set of skills and experience to the band.

Together, the band quickly developed a strong musical style combining explosive vocals with long progressive guitar passages, this led to the coining of the term ‘progressive psycho metal’.

As the writing progressed, Mark Phillips became more and more involved with the band, finally becoming a full time member of Tellurium, bringing a fuller sound to the guitar tracks.

The band recorded the first four tracks of the planned début album ‘Conform & Consume’ at Ford Lane Studios, but were delayed when Mike suffered a medical emergency. With the first half of the album now written and recorded work has commenced on completing the project. (NOW FULLY COMPLETE)

Tellurium bring together professionalism with a range of skills and performance experience, and are now looking to develop further by entering the festival circuit with a view to touring abroad in the future.

Tellurium – Interlude

Tellurium – Conform & Consume

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