Television Supervision

Television Supervision

Television Supervision (TVSV) is a band of brothers with an affinity for memorable riffs, catchy choruses, and high-energy tunage that everyone can relate to. Founding members Brett Zitzelberg and Zach Grant met while skipping class in high school. Brett was playing the guitar in the school’s music room when Zach noticed him and decided to pick up a bass. He then sat down and began playing along without saying a single word. Now a decade later and with the master percussion artistry of Cody Rains, the trio has created their debut album, “Waldo”, that is surely set to pound its’ tracks into your head.

Together, they’ve honed in their unique sound and are ready to take on the world one venue at a time. The mission? To give people a much needed break from the stresses of their daily lives and to renew their hope in today’s vapid rock scene. 

Enjoy these melodies as they claim residency inside your head. Dial it up to Eleven, get ready to sweat, and blast your voice-box!

  • Brett Zitzelberg – Vocals
  • Zach Grant – Bass
  • Cody Rains – Drums

Television Supervision – Gimme a Girl

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