Teitan(the black metal project of the Dutch musician Devi Hisgen)has been nominated with ‘Weight Of The Void’ as possible Rotterdam album of the year.

The Rotterdam Music Awards are presented annually. The winners will be determined by online voting for: Best Stage, Best Festival, Rotterdam Track of the Year, Rotterdam Album of the Year (powered by 3voor12 Rotterdam) and De Belofte. This year, a new category will be added to support innovative new initiatives: the Stimulation Prize. You can vote for your favorite from Monday 29 November, 10:00 a.m. to Monday 6 December, 12:00 a.m. The winners will be announced on Saturday 11 December during a special broadcast of the award ceremony.

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Three weeks after releasing the Vákuum EP, Teitan comes with a videoclip for the openingsong ‘The Grinding Teeth of the Wheel of Time’. A production by Drain Hope that suits the chaotic style of Teitan so well.

On September 15, 2021, the new album, an EP with five songs on it, from Dutch blackmetal project Teitan will be released, called ‘Vákuum’.

This new EP will be released on cassette tape through Zwaerdgevegt Records and on CD through Void Wanderer and Onism Productions.

Artist: Teitan
Title: Vákuum
Format:  Digital / CD / Cassette
Label: Void Wanderer + Onism Productions + Zwaerdgevegt Records


1 – The Grinding Teeth of the Wheel of Time
2 – I Become the Lunar Sky
3 – Je Vois la Fin
4 – Metempsychosis
5  – Description of the Passing

Teitan is a one-man project by Devi Hisgen, the lead singer and guitarist of Cthuluminati. Devi is notorious for making experimental and dark music for every project he’s involved in. Teitan was formed in 2009 by Devi and Damon Bergkotte. After releasing a demo in 2009 called ‘Dark Ritual’, Damon stopped making black metal music and with that Teitan seemed to die a sudden death like only true underground black metal projects do. But the two remained friends and after many dormant years Damon encouraged Devi to release more work under the name of Teitan. He still supported the initial idea for next level chaotic black metal madness. So Devi went to the writing table and put together the debut album, ‘Weight of the Void’, which was first released through Zwaertgevegt Records exactly ten years after the demo.

Playing and writing in black metal bands for more than a decade meant that Devi’s song writing skills were more than proficient. However, recording by himself was still a bit of a challenge, so in the following years Devi trained to record and produce all instruments himself and wrote a few songs that he kept hidden away. Subsequently he started writing for ‘Vákuum’. Once the EP was finished, Devi remixed and mastered ‘Weight of the Void’ and re-released it, following it up with a single called ‘Shadowlord’.

With Teitan, Devi has embraced the chance to write about dark scientific theories and obscure philosophers whilst experimentally implementing drone elements into very intense black metal. 2021 marks the start of a very interesting path for Teitan. Much more music will follow from here on. A gripping, intense and unique sound in a vast world of underground black metal.

Teitan – The Grinding Teeth of the Wheel of Time

Teitan – Shadowlord

Teitan – Magnus Singularium

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