‘Innen Aussen’ is the debut album by crushing sludge monsters TARASQUE. Hailing from Münster, the power trio create heavy, sludge infused post-metal with an emphasis on being as loud as possible! The five tracks here are centred around enormous, spine-cracking heavy riffs, broken up with gentle dynamic builds and grooving, almost stoner rock tinged sections. The general sound is one of visceral weight however, and the lack of reverb-drenching or heavy effects on the vocals and volume of the instruments gives a strongly present feel to this album, and a sense of urgency to the heavy sections. ‘Innen Aussen’ clips along at quite a pace in general for a sludge release, and many of the tracks here are certainly neck-snappers. Definitely, a band to look for live!   

Gerrit (voc,guit), Martin (bass), Hanno (drums)

Tarasque – Trummerfield

Tarasque – Karoshi

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Band location – Münster/Hamburg Germany

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