Tales Of The Old – The Book Of Chaos

Tales of the Old – “The Book of Chaos”

TALES OF THE OLD – album “The Book Of Chaos” (17 September 2021, Pride & Joy Music)

  1. Heavens In War
  2. Fallen Angels
  3. Beware
  4. Dark Witch
  5. Let Your Hatred Be
  6. Tortured Souls
  7. The Book Of Chaos
  8. Contract Of Blood
  9. Broken Heart
  10. The Invocation
  11. The First Exorcism

Tales of the Old is a Symphonic Dark Ambient Power Metal band from Athens, Greece, founded in 2010 by the keyboard player Mike Tzanakis. The band released its first demo, “Beware”, back in 2010 and in 2012 along with Bob Katsionis, released its first EP, “The Passageway from Hell”, before the band splits up. Now, nine years later, Tales of the Old are back with their debut full-length album, “The Book of Chaos”.

The “The Book of Chaos” is the artistic offspring of Mike Tzanakis, who came up with the concept, composed everything and made the arrangements. In the role of producer returns the mastermind of Greek power metal, Bob Katsionis, who along with Mike made the project take flesh and bones, contributing to the this great final result.

The creative dream of Tzanakis is endorsed by Fabio Lione, Sakis Tolis, Fotis Bernando and Androniki Skoula, who appear as guest vocalists in the album.

And yet, all these trivia might sound fascinating and be an extra reason to give a listen to the album, but they are just bonuses to an already really good record.

Inspired by bands like the Rhapsody-quite obviously, Nightwish, Therion and many more, goal of the Tales of the Old was to serve the darker side of the symphonic/power metal genre. Judging by the result of their first full-length, that goal was definitely achieved.

Musically, the “The Book of Chaos” narrates haunting fairy tales and stories, drawn out of the darkest fantasy and the most eerie notion. The beautiful melodies are there like the sirens, only to lure you and drag you to their dark world while the heavy, fast and sharp riffs echo the sound of the eternal battle of good and evil.

One thing is for sure when listening to the “The Book of Chaos”, it is a great experience. Dark, haunting and beautiful, fresh sounding with a great musical approach to the genre, it is recommended to all the fan of metal.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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