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Svet Kant

svet kant

Currently Svet Kant are rehearsing on a tight basis and according to a plan.  The nature of the tracks and their length pushes each member to its limit, and slowly, but constantly, the beast grows and waits to be unleashed.

In addition to some fantastic reviews and comments from fans all over the world, a constanly growing fan-base across the different social media plataform, and the feature on a compilation CD called “Monsters of Heavy”; Svet Kant currently got signed to an american record label called PowerbacK Productions.  The band closes 2014 as a “transition and cog-tightening year”, and is set to start 2015 with a constant series of gigs and presentations to show their art and unique approach to music to the world.  In addition, the tracks for an upcoming record have already been written and will start to be rehearsed and polished to be able to deliver a new record in the upcoming years.

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Svet Kant – Nature’s Hatred (Lyric video)

Svet Kant – The Peace Within Lonliness

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