Superterrestrial are pleased to announce their new album The Void That Exists will be released on August 16th.

Hailing from Crawley, UK, Superterrestrial transports listeners to universes unknown with their exceptional blend of space-themed black metal and dark ambient synth.  Founders Martin Shouler and Warren King handle guitar and vocal duties together, joined by Jon Knox on bass and Tom Logan on drums.  

Formed in 2017, Superterrestrial counts many influences from across the black metal genre, including Darkthrone, Wolves In The Throne Room, and Make a Change…Kill Yourself.  Soundtrack composers such as John Carpenter have also inspired the synth aspect of their music.  But the most important inspiration is space itself — as the band puts it, “the vast, bleak emptiness surrounding our planet… The unforgiving realm of darkness all around us, and the known and unknown contained within.”  As their moniker literally meaning “above the earth” implies, Superterrestrial’s music is based on true space phenomena.

Says the band of their cosmic theme, “It just seemed right with the style of music we wanted to create. The sense of calmness and wonder suited the ambient synth parts of our music, while the cold, unforgiving void of space suits the bleakness of black metal.” 

Superterrestrial – Cannibal Coronal Mass Ejections

Superterrestrial – A Cataclysmic Greeting

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