2005. October 31st. Four guys, members of a band called Morphina, are driving through the woods of Desperation City, towards a dirty pub where they were supposed to play for an Halloween party.
The four guys never reached their destination, their car crashed misteriously, and their bodies had never been found…
Instead of them, four fresh dead corpses reached the pub, they called themselves Superhorrorfuck…

December 2009. A police sergeant who was still investigating on the Morphina’s case misteriously disappeares himself…
Some days later Superhorrorfuck present their fifth member, Sgt.Anubis…

2013 After eight years of disgusting live shows and two albums released, Superhorrorfuck conquered the complete control upon their dead bodies, but something unexpected is waiting for them…
Voices, pictures, memories of their previous lives start screaming inside their heads, the five guys realize that the bodies they’re hauting don’t belong to them but they are only dead shells where emotions and memories of the previous owners are still alive,and so they begin a terrible inner battle…
Only two of them win this battle against these “ante-mortem pictures”: indeed, Paghalloween. Littlebomb and Sgt.Anubis decide to return to their previous lives, exorcizing the evil souls who were hunting them, and Dr.Freak & Mr.4 begin immediatly a gruesome process of new members enrolement, through blood, death and strange demonic rituals…

Superhorror – Hit Mania Death official album teaser

Superhorror – Nice To Meet You

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