Super Monster Party

Super Monster Party
This Is Doom!
Release: 25 April 2023

In a classic and familiar manner, Super Monster Party confronts the legions of Hell in their latest video “This Is Doom!”, paying homage to the classic, well-loved video game DOOM. Their chaotic and intense heavy power metal lends an excellent soundtrack to the famous gameplay, which is complete with the effigies of the band.

The band shares their concept:

“Super Monster Party provides an immersive experience where you are taken into the world of “Permadeath” where video games are real and you “The Hero” must battle your way to different worlds to become its champion and save this reality from extinction. We want to create a link between our songs and the nostalgia of our favorite video games growing up.”

Hailing from South Florida, Super Monster Party’s albums consist of original songs based on classic games such as Altered Beast, Zelda, and many other retro titles with immersive storytelling in-between that places the focus on the listener who is transported into the video game realm. To add to their theme, they also have their own playable video game titled “Permadeath” where you can play the story in real-time.

Super Monster Party have three albums under their pixelated belts so far “Permadeath” (2020), “SideQuest” (2021), and “Game Genie” (2022). They started as a mix of power metal and punk but over the years they have adopted a heavier sound. Catchy and entertaining, they are recommended for fans of Slipknot, Powerwolf, and Dragonforce.

The band is the concept of singer / songwriter, Rei Sega and features notable members Emilio Martinez (Ynwgie Malmsteem), Fernando Lemus (Lions at the Gate), and Jsin Lee Gomez along with songs being co- produced with Matt Laplant (Non- Point, Ellefson, Saliva).

In additional news, the band recently welcomed guitarist Ben Cohen (Powerglove) to their lineup.

“Ben is hands down one of the most talented and unique guitar players I’ve ever met and I’m excited to play alongside him in SMP.” adds vocalist Rei Sega.

Band Lineup:

Rei Sega  – Vocals
Emilio – Bass
Fern – Drums
Andy – Guitar
Denver – Lead Guitar

Super Monster Party – This Is Doom!

Super Monster Party – Old Silent Hill

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