Sugar Spine

Sydney Metalcore Newcomers Announce Debut EP
‘Mirror Talk’ & Release New Single ‘Gutter Paint’

Sydney metalcore newcomers Sugar Spine have just announced their debut EP ‘Mirror Talk’ due for release on April 22nd, 2022. Accompanying this exciting news, the group also unveiled their new single ‘Gutter Paint’ boasting a sinister blend of brutality, fury, melody and frustration in an anthemic package.

‘Gutter Paint’ introduces itself with the ferocity of a rabid dog with scathing riffs at an unflinching pace and attention-demanding hooks. Vocalist Josh Muncke’s rapid-fire gutturals sit atop an onslaught of syncopated instrumentation and bludgeoning breakdowns delivering moments of depth and cleverness that warrants repeat listens.

Vocalist and Multi-Instrumentalist Josh Muncke speaks: “Gutter Paint is a war cry declaring that people turn around and listen up. Decrying nepotism and corruption in the political sphere, “Gutter Paint” goes for the jugular, and keeps going. It’s an attitude-filled mix of blistering kicks, breakdowns and a good dose of hardcore that’s infused to show a huge display of vexation at those who live above the law”.

Born out of the creative captivity of quarantine and self-isolation during the pandemic, Sugar Spine isn’t as sweet as it sounds. Taking influence from a plethora of heavyweights such as Slipknot, Knocked Loose, Stick to Your Guns and others, the music revolves around raw emotion, and zeroes in on sheer rage. Within one month of releasing their debut single ‘Go Outside’, Sugar Spine landed on the ‘New Core’ editorial playlist and amassed over 15,000 views on YouTube. Following this successful release, Muncke churned out seven ferocious tracks which constitute ‘Mirror Talk’ that are undoubtedly going to jolt heads in Sugar Spine’s direction.

‘Gutter Paint’ is Out Now via

‘Mirror Talk’ is available for Digital Pre-orders via


  1. Gutter Paint
  2. 83
  3. Mirror Talk
  4. The Black Stag
  5. Crusader
  6. Sensation
  7. Pen or Sword (Feat. Nick Rossi from Born Of Osiris)

Written and Performed by Josh Muncke
Produced & Mixed by Josh Muncke
Mastered by Ryan Wood, 105mm Studios, UK
Artwork by Irvan Yuda Pratama
Video by Josh Muncke
Photography by Matt Staggs Visuals

Sugar Spine – Gutter Paint

Sugar Spine – Go Outside

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Band/Artist location – Sydney, Australia