‘It Will Never End’ is the debut album from SUE, a Noise rock four piece from the West Midlands. Over the past year they have spent many hours crafting the sound of the album, pouring in as much creativity and expression as they could. The result has now been thrown out into the world, and the band is extremely proud of the end result. 

A 12 track concept record split into three acts (Senseless, Reckless, Endless), ‘It Will Never End’ kicks off with a shriek and doesn’t stop until the last track is over. It’s relentless and manic, rough and raw, distorted and chaotic. The sound of the album takes elements of noise rock, punk, hardcore, post-punk and classic rock n roll, creating a versatile sound throughout it’s runtime. The songs hook you and take you down into their mood, letting you soak in its atmosphere and embrace it’s feel. It’s a record worth hearing, a record worth digesting, a record worthy of being. 

‘It Will Never End, is out now.

SUE is a Noise Rock/Post-Punk/Punk Rock band from the West Midlands, England. Known for their wild performances and scratchy DIY punk sound, they have been parading around their local scene with confidence and an obvious passion for what they do. Their wails and whines, their distorted tones and frantic rhythms will grip you from start to finish. They embrace the chaos that lies within all creativity, using it to fuel the fire that let’s them to be the best they can be. They love what they do and have a fantastic time doing it.

SUE – It Will Never End is out now

SUE – Gotta Gotta Gotta

SUE – Not Your Kind

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