Subfire – Define The Sinner

Subfire – Define The Sinner

SUBFIRE – “Define The Sinner” (10 September 2021, Symmetric Records) 

Define The Sinner (Tracklist)

  1. Sacred Destinies
  2. Infinity
  3. Fate Of A Sinister World
  4. Sins Of Morality
  5. I Repent
  6. Night Of Renaissance
  7. Fairytale
  8. Pure Emotion
  9. Soul Redemption
  10. Stength And Hope

The cover was done by Alexis Alifragis (Perverend SlumberSlut).

The album was recorded and mixed at Sound Symmetry studio (Athens, GR) by Bob Katsionis.

Mastering by Nasos Nomikos (VU Productions Mastering Studio).

Subfire took a difficult decision early on in their career that now is proven the best they have taken. You see, Subfire as a band are active for 17 years. However, the many line-up changes didn’t allow the band to form a core sound and to develop themselves musically. So, they chose to wait patiently and work carefully on their ideas. They delayed the presentation of any music until a proper sound was formed, capable of supporting their musical vision. And their patience paid off, by releasing an album like the “Define the Sinner”. All the hard work and the years of work are reflected in their debut.

The “Define The Sinner” is a traditional heavy/power metal album, as a heavy metal album must be. Powerful, heavy, epic riffs, shredding solos, fast drum work, wide choruses and beautiful melodic lines, are the key elements of the debut of Subfire.

Regarding the signwriting approach, the album follows the very basic patterns and ideas of heavy/power metal compositions. Faithful to the traditional recipe of heavy/power metal, Subfire attempt to refresh the overused and overplayed sound of the 40 year old heavy metal. Their debut is that new, modern twist to the traditional that offers a new spark to the genre while keeping all the elements intact that make the heavy metal the music it is. Even without much experimentation and out of the box ideas, Subfire’s debut sounds as fresh as humanly possible, with a strong pulse.

Subfire wanted to present something original yet traditional enough to become an instant success in the scene. And this is exactly what the “Define the Sinner” has achieved. They came with a carefully constructed sound in a scene hungry for new ideas and original works and now they are taking this scene by storm. First impressions are very important and judging by the power of the “Define the Sinner” the band has clearly understood this concept.

Without a doubt, the Subfire’s debut is one of the best heavy metal releases of 2021. The “Define the Sinner” is an almost flawless debut, with powerful riffs and songs that will stuck in your head forcing you to return and listen the album again. A band with clear goal to make a name for itself in the scene and a debut with fresh, original and yet traditional sound, is the perfect combination that will make Subfire fans’ favorite.

Review by Mr Athens ’79

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