Stygian Fair

We´re a band from a small town called Umeå in the north of Sweden. The band has existed for about seven years now, and it all started when both P-O Jonsson and Emil Holmqvist decided to leave a band called “Crave” in 2013 to lay the foundations for Stygian Fair. Not long after Erik Andersson had joined on bass and Andreas Stoltz on lead vocals and guitar, but this first incarnation of the band never made a big mark recording or gig wise… due to life’s crooked path.

In the autumn of 2016, Erik left the band, and shortly after also Andreas did. Soon thereafter the band gathered new momentum by welcoming Anders Hedman as the new powerhouse bass player. After a couple auditions we came across Pontus Åkerlund and felt that his voice did convey the emotions sought for in the music.

In this setting we rehearsed a number of songs and recorded and launched an EP/demo, named “Into the Coven” in 2017, and started frequent playing live around different venues in the Umeåarea. In the end of august 2018 we entered the studio and recorded 12 new songs, which was released in the end of October that year. Our full-length debutalbum is called “Panta Rei”.

In august 2019 we entered the studio once again, to start recording our sophomore album, which has the name “Nadir”. The album was released on various streaming sites 9th of January 2020. On the 23rd of October 2020 we started recording our latest album, “Equilibrium”.That album was released April 23rd 2021.

As for now we only have released the albums digital on various streaming sites. But, as many other bands we´re looking to reach more and more fans worldwide, and that’s why we contacted you, with a kind request to listen to our album and hopefully like it as much as we do.

Stygian Fair is:

Pontus Åkerlund-lead vocals
Emil Holmqvist-guitars and vocals,
P-O Jonsson – drums and vocals,
Anders Hedman-bass and vocals

Stygian Fair – Into The Light

Stygian Fair – Sands Of Time part 2

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Band/Artist location – Umeå, Sweden
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